Hotspots in Allentown, PA

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Two parks in one? Yes, please! Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, bring the best of both amusement park worlds together into one fantastically family-friendly activity. At Dorney Park, spend the day dry -- riding roller coasters (they're famous for one called "The Stinger" -- we'll let you figure out why!) and enjoying other kid-friendly attractions, such as Planet Snoopy. Then, head over to Wildwater Kingdom to cool down in dozens of water play areas, slides and places to splash! Please note that Wildwater Kingdom is only open during the summer season, so plan accordingly when you visit. Allentown is easy to get to from the surrounding areas, making it easy for families to get to Dorney Park!

Playdrome Rose Bowl

Bowling is a great way to spend family time while having a ball – literally! The Playdrome is one of Pennsylvania’s independent and much-loved entertainment centers. There are three locations in the state, but if you are in the Allentown area, the Rose Bowl location is a great stop. Whether you are having a birthday party for the kids or simply challenging them out for a night of friendly competition, you will love the old school feel of this bowling alley. There are also video games and other activities including rock n’ bowl nights and other family favorites. After one night here your kids will be begging to come back soon.

The Crayola Factory

No matter how old we get, coloring is still fun and thanks to Crayola, generations of children will continue coloring just as we have for decades. When you are in the Allentown area, the Crayola Experience at the Crayola Factory is an absolute must. Take the kids to see firsthand how markers and crayons are made and feel like a kid again yourself! There are factory tours and of course lots of hands-on exhibits. Movies, painting, carousels and the famous ‘Chalk Walk’ will provide hours of entertainment. Watch as factory workers melt and mix the wax that turns into that colorful box of crayons. 

Strawberry Acres

Many of today's kids have all but forgotten where their food comes from (the grocery store of course!). Take them back to the roots of our fresh fruits and veggies and show them how they make their way to the store. Depending on the season you decide to visit during, you will be able to choose from picking your own pears, apples, cherries, peaches or pumpkins. This family fun activity will show the kids the virtues of the simple life and the reward of seeing where your food comes from. In addition, Strawberry Acres also has a bakery and deli on site as well as a farm market. Be sure to check their site since the farm hold special games and events on the weekends. This one is sure to become a family favorite. 

Lehigh Valley Zoo

When you combine kids and animals you have endless amounts of fun and entertainment. The Lehigh Valley Zoo is located right outside of Allentown and is well worth the visit. Anytime your kids can have fun and learn at the same time it’s a win/win right? You and your family will learn about conservation efforts and many fun and interesting facts about these wild animals. More than 275 animals call this 1,100 acre park in the Trexler Nature Preserve their home. If someone in your family happens to be celebrating a birthday, this is also an amazing location for a festive party. 

Ironton Livery and Coach

It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to ride in a horse drawn carriage. Your family will delight in the charm and grace of this age-old form of transportation. Ironton Livery & Coach is a family run business that specializes in taking people out for carriage rides at events as well as simply for tours of the beautiful Allentown area. They have been a staple of the city for the past 20 years and your family will be thrilled when they see the pair of horses that will be pulling the carriage down the city streets. Whether you are on vacation or simply taking the kids into the city for a weekend treat, make sure to go for a carriage ride. It’s a memory they will never forget. 

Blue Mountain

If you are in town for the winter why not take the whole family to hit the slopes? Blue Mountain is home to some of the state’s best skiing and snowboarding in the Poconos. If the kids are a bit too young, it is also a great place to go sledding. In the off season, this park makes great use of the mountain by hosting music festivals. Disc golf and many other fun and entertaining activities take place at the mountain all summer long. If you are a fan of the outdoors, simply head over and enjoy all the beauty of Blue Mountain and the surrounding Pocono Mountains. 

Coca-Cola Park

There’s nothing more American than popcorn, peanuts and a good old fashioned baseball game. Allentown is the home of the Iron Pigs and they pack in quite a crowd. The excitement and roar of the crowd, the smell of stadium food and the energy at Coca-Cola Park will have you feeling like a kid again too. Take advantage of special family packages and pricing and let the kids soak in all the excitement of minor league baseball. During the off season there are also many other events and activities at the park and it is definitely worth a trip to check it out.



Da Vinci Science Center

Fun and learning – two words that your family probably believes don’t belong in the same sentence. One trip to the Da Vinci Science Center however and their minds are sure to change! With rotating exhibits, you can come back time and again and see something new each time. Kids can learn about natural earth movement by looking at the live seismometer and learn what makes earthquakes happen. Aside from learning about these types of natural phenomenon, they can also learn about BioScapes and some of the most interesting (and creepy) critters. You and your family will also learn about innovations like wind energy and also see amazing art exhibits. 

Museum of Indian Culture

All too often kids are enthralled in the new technologies and entertainment of the present to take a look at the past. At the Museum of Indian Culture you and your family will get a chance to see ancient artifacts and pottery dating all the way back to 200 B.C. The intricate details of early Indian beading will leave you in awe and the Kachina dolls typically really strike a chord with the little ones. Learn how the natives prepared food and teach your family about the early settlers. While the history is heartbreaking, it is an amazing lesson of survival and of our Nation’s past.