Hotspots in Cincinnati, OH

The WEB Extreme Entertainment

With friendly staff, on-site restaurant, and a variety of activities, THE WEB is a perfect one-stop entertainment destination. Whether you’re looking for high-octane racing action, exhilarating laser tag competition, or all-around fun, come play, game, and refuel at THE WEB!

Kings Island

Need a family activity that's good enough for a king? Of course you do! And Kings Island is just the place! Whether amusement parks are a family favorite or something new to add to your family activity to-do list, Kings Island will easily fit the bill. Their kids' area, Planet Snoopy, is award-winning, featuring 18 attractions for young children to enjoy. And, once you've worn them out, mom and dad and older kids can sneak in a ride or two on the Kings Island thrill rides, like The Beast and Diamondback. New to Kings Island in 2012 is Soak City, a full-blown water park... and, admission to Soak City is included with the price of Kings Island!

Carew Tower

Carew Tower is the tallest building in Cincinnati, and it’s the best way to get a look at what the city has to offer.  The observation deck is on the 49th floor, and it’s not that easy to get there. Take a ride on a standard elevator to the 45th floor, then a rickety one up to the 48th. After that, you have to hoof it up a flight of stairs, but the view is absolutely worth it. On a clear day, you can see for miles.  Once you’re done taking in the view, visit the shopping mall that occupies the building, along with offices and hotel space.

Fun Factory

The Fun Factory is a skating rink that’s a throw-back to skating of decades gone by. They have shiny wooden floors, roller skates (you know, the kind with four wheels!) and everyone goes round and round in a circle to loud music. There’s a mascot that shows up from time to time, and if you go on Sundays you get all you can eat pizza. Call ahead to make sure they have open skate, because the schedule changes from time to time for private functions. Skate rental is affordable at just $2.50 per person, but you can bring in your own, as well. Be warned though, if they don’t think your skates are up to par, they won’t let you use them.

Ride the Ducks

You start this tour on land, riding in a funny-looking bus through downtown Cincinnati. Suddenly, the driver makes a fast turn and you are in the Ohio River! The Duck Boats (and they really do look like ducks!) will show you all the best sight of the city, both from the land and water. The ride is about 45 minutes long and there aren’t any bathroom breaks, so make sure the little ones make pit stops before you board. Buy the tickets right in front of the Newport Aquarium, just across the river from Cincinnati. Life jackets are provided for everyone on board, so plan on wearing one.

Progressive Field

Whether you’re into baseball or not, you should spend some time at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians. The sights, sounds and spirit of this place are something everyone should experience while they’re in Cleveland, and who knows – it may even make you a fan. Over 80 home games from April through September make it easy to find a game that fits your schedule. For easier parking and to avoid traffic, park in a garage or surface lot at least a few blocks away and walk to the field. Step 2 KidsLand is located on the mezzanine level for younger children who aren’t into baseball. 

Coney Island Amusement Park

You know all those traveling carnivals and fairs that we all love so much? They’re packed with small but fun rides, great food and good entertainment. They’re all so much fun, and then they’re gone so quickly. Coney Island Amusement park is just like those events, but it never leaves. It’s not a big fancy amusement park, but the people of Cincinnati like it that way. If it gets too hot on the blacktop, visit the Sunlight Pool. It’s the world’s largest flat surface pool – the shallow area alone is over an acre in size. There are also six diving boards, water slides and plenty of lap lanes. You can easily spend a day or an evening at Coney Island.

The Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati

They have fire trucks. For most kids, that’s all that needs to be said. Cincinnati had the first paid fire department in the country, and because of that, they play a huge role in the history and development of the American fire department. Learn about all that and more when your tour this space. They have one of the first trucks to work the streets of Cincinnati, and a current truck cab for the kids to play in. There’s also a real fire pole they can slide down from the second floor to the first, and the kids can wear real fore hats when they do it. It’s not all fun and games, though. There’s a safe house inside that teaches your family what it’s really like inside of a fire, how to get out and how to prepare.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

The Nation Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a very somber way to spend your day, but it’s also very worthwhile. The four floors of this museum tell you everything you ever wanted to know about slavery, and a whole lot that you didn’t. The fourth floor is always changing, and the third floor includes a movie theatre with an always-changing documentary. You’ll see the world as it was through the eyes of a slave, and notice some starting similarities between then and now. Pick up an iPod Touch walking audio tour for free when you walk in – it’ll make everything you’re looking at make a lot more sense.

Cincinnati Museum Center

This museum is so big, you probably won’t be able to cover it all in a day. There’s plenty for the whole family. History buffs can walk through the Cincinnati History Museum and browse the Cincinnati History Library and Archives. The Museum of Natural History and Science is her, as well. For the kids, there’s the Duke Energy Museum, which is a day full of activity in itself. This separate children’s museum encourages hands-on exploration for kids and teenagers, and has a whole section for kids younger than four. The line for museum tickets gets long on the weekends, so if you go then buy ahead and use will call.