Hotspots in Portland, OR

Living Room Theaters

We all know that the stereotypical date is dinner and a movie -- impress your date by taking it to the next level at Living Room Theaters in Portland. Living Room Theaters is the best of both worlds -- not only do they offer an amazing, healthy, delicious menu that is designed with dishes that you can eat easily while keeping your eyes on the screen, but they are committed to showing the best of independent and international films. Locals love coming here for films, not only for these reasons, but to relax during the show in their plush theater seats that really make you feel like you are in your own living room. We take that back -- going to Living Room Theaters is even better than being in your own living room!

Jimmy Mak's

It's not hard to make the connection between romance and jazz, so if you're looking for a way to spend a music-filled evening with your sweetheart, Jimmy Mak's offers the best of both. Jimmy Mak's has been recognized year after year for hosting the top jazz artists in the world, as well as offering a club that will make you feel like you're at home. If you're planning on spending the evening at Jimmy Mak's, make reservations and come early enough to enjoy their extensive and delicious Mediterranean menu. They also offer a great Happy Hour menu, if you want to catch an earlier show.

Departure Restaurant and Lounge

Okay girls, we all know about that while all the couples are out celebrating their love for each other, we need somewhere we can go to escape the romance parade. Departure in Portland is the perfect solution -- ultra sleek and modern with the hottest in decor, the best little areas to lounge around with a drink in hand and to top it off, a delicious menu. Departure is that excuse you've been looking for to pull out your extra high heels and the dress that you splurged on, but haven't had a chance to wear yet. We also love their rooftop deck, which stays cozy on chilly PDX nights thanks to an army of heated lamps!

Gruner Restaurant

Gruner in Portland is self-described as 'cozy alpine cuisine' and diners would agree that if you're looking for somewhere to enjoy a romantic, candle lit dinner, Gruner is the place to visit. But even with such an ideal atmosphere, Gruner's menu still shines through -- a marriage between flavors of the Pacific Northwest and dishes of the Northern European alpine regions, it will be hard to pick just one dish. Don't leave before having dessert -- Gruner also offers an extensive dessert and after-dinner drink menu so that you can settle in and speak sweet nothings to each other all night long. Or, at least until they kick you out at closing time. 

In Good Taste

Trust us when we say that nothing will win the heart of a woman like having someone cook her a delicious, well-planned meal. If you aren't a gourmet chef, try the next best thing -- booking a class at In Good Taste. Each class is small in size, completely hands on (don't forget to bring her a cute apron!) and includes wine pairings as you cook  -- all of these elements would make this a perfect first date or blind date option. If you're looking for a more private experience, talk to In Good Taste about creating a custom menu and class to teach the two of you how to make it. 

Camp Colton Retreat

One of the Portland-area's most unique and special wedding venues is far more than just a venue -- having a wedding at Camp Colton Retreat is an experience. It takes about 45-minutes to get to Camp Colton from Portland and once you're there, you can easily forget about the rest of the world and focus on what's most important -- getting married! Camp Colton Retreat offers fun and traditional wedding options, including the "Camping Wedding" where all your guests come stay at Camp Colton for a summer weekend while you celebrate your wedding and marriage amongst nature. The venue itself has a gorgeous chapel, guest cottages and more.

The Mark Spencer Hotel

Once upon a time, traveling was one of the most glamorous of pastimes where guests were treated with class, their every need met at the blink of an eye and staying at a hotel was better than staying at your own home -- The Mark Spencer Hotel would love to take you back to that time. Located in downtown Portland's popular Pearl District, this unique boutique hotel is a historic destination with all the necessary modern upgrades. Not to be missed are the wine and cheese happy hour and rooftop garden. Traveling with your pooch? The Mark Spencer is pet friendly as well.

Sky High Sports

Kids bouncing off the walls today? Load everyone up in the minivan and head out to Sky High Sports in Tigard, just outside of Portland, where they literally have trampoline floors and walls lining the entire gym! The entire family will have a blast bouncing around at Sky High or taking part in their classes or games of dodgeball -- there's really something for every age to take part in. Older kids will love the huge foam pit for launching themselves into from the trampolines -- and anything goes here, so they can get as crazy as they want with flips! It isn't drop-in all the time at Sky High, so take a peek at their website before planning a trip. Also, be sure to bring your own water and snacks -- they have vending machines, but the prices are sky high and mostly serve candy bars.

Circuit Bouldering Gym

With two locations in Portland, The Circuit Bouldering Gym is one of the largest in the world and a favorite with Portland girls who love to get their climb on. If you don't know exactly what bouldering is, think rock climbing, but an extreme version with no ropes and over shorter distances. Don't worry, they do put "crash mats" on the floor under the walls so that your falls are safe! Portland families love it at The Circuit too -- they have classes for kids and family nights, and family memberships available.

Whiskey Soda Lounge

Sister restaurant to the award winning Pok Pok, Whiskey Soda Lounge is more than just a spot to kill time while waiting for a table across the street, which is how most Portland locals have discovered it. Whiskey Soda Lounge is definitely able to stand on it's own two feet with an extensive bar, dinner and late night menu that features traditional Thai cocktails and -- for the brave only -- a selection of drinking vinegars. If you really can't resist, you can order Pok Pok's legendary fish sauce wings on the Whiskey Soda Lounge menu!