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Ted’s Jumbo Red Hots


2351 Niagara Fall Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14228
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A common-place American staple, the hot dog, has a long and intriguing history here in Western New York. Theodore (Ted) Spiro Liaros, a Greek immigrant had vision and courage to begin a modest business with a horse-drawn hot dog cart. Ted later bought a shack and made it what was the original Ted’s Hot Dog. Although the first store is not open, the second store, established in 1948 on Sheridan Drive is still open and flourishing. Teds is hot dogs. The secret to Ted’s delicious dogs is in the charcoal. Hardwood charcoal versus briquette coal is similar to going from instant coffee to fresh ground coffee when it comes to flavor, taste and quality. Add handmade onion rings and an iced loganberry and have the full Ted’s experience.

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