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Liliha Bakery


work 808-531-1651


515 N Kuakini St
Honolulu, HI 96817
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Liliha Bakery is the neighborhood bakery/diner that’s been around for . . . forever, and launched into Hawaii-wide fame some time since the last World War due to their decadent Coco Puffs.  A coco puff is a staple pot luck dessert, and can be identified by it’s golf-ball-like size, chewy choux pastry exterior, coconut pudding interior, and sweet chantilly dollop of a hat topping. Coco Puffs have sinced branched out from the original flavor to include chocolate-topped puffs and green tea chantilly puffs, resulting in sales of 4,800 to 7,600 Coco Puffs every day.  Their chantilly cake, dobash cake, and haupia cakes deserve mentions as well. The Diner half of Liliha Bakery is famous in its own right for its giant plate-sized fluffy pancakes and greasy-fork late-night menu.  Open 24 hours; closed Mondays.

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