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Ululani's Shave Ice


work 360-609-5678


790 Front Street
Lahaina, HI 96761
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Ululani (oo-loo-LAH-nee) means “heavenly inspiration,” and there is no doubt that this tiny shave ice shack on Lahaina’s busy Front Street is divinely sent. It’s tucked away, but you will find it – the sometimes hour-long lines will be the clue you’re near. What makes it worth the wait? This is the best shave ice on Maui, and easily rivals the best on Oahu. Every syrup is made from real fruit sweetened with cane sugar, and they are layered over the fluffiest, flakiest, most carefully-shaved ice in the state. The result is bright, genuine flavor that surprise before melting to nothing (bonus: no artificial flavors means no funky aftertaste). Each is delicious, but try the Haleakala: coconut and dulce de leche syrups topped with sweetened condensed cream. Another favorite: Sunset Beach: guava, mango, and passion orange syrups. Each treat is guaranteed: if you lose flavor before you reach the bottom of your gigantic serving, they’ll top it off.

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