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Treasure Hunt at Old Saltair


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SR-202 and I-80
Salt Lake City, UT 84044
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Once known as the "Coney Island Of The West," all that remains now are remnants and traces of what used to be.  The building known as Saltair today is located two miles West of where this once popular lake resort once stood. During the "Big Band Era," groups such as Glenn Miller marked the "largest dance floor in the nation" at Saltair as a must-stop on their tour. The old rollercoaster and carousel are long gone, but their memories still remain. As you walk out onto the beach you can see the frames and traces of where they once stood. Dishes still remain in the sand from the Ship Cafe that perished in a tragic fire in the 1920s. Pull out the cover of an old Beach Boys album, and you will see them standing on pillars in front of the once magestic Saltair; you can still go out and stand on those pillars today, but instead of a magestic building in the background, you will only see the frame of what it used to be. 

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