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Brussels Ferry


Route 100
1 mile east of Grafton
Grafton, IL 62037
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Every winter, more than 2,000 bald eagles migrate to the Middle Mississippi River Valley, making it the nation’s second largest population of overwintering eagles (second only to the Oregon/California region.) The Brussels Ferry area is one of the region’s premier eagle-watching spots. “Do I need to get on a ferry to see the bald eagles?” you may wonder. The answer is no, of course not. You can see them around the area from the shore. But conservationists say that ferries churn up the water, breaking the ice and bringing fish to the river’s surface, which attracts hungry eagles looking for easy prey. Plus, riding the ferry is an experience in and of itself. The Brussels Ferry is one of seven free ferries in the Valley offering travelers free river crossing (not to mention breathtaking scenic views.) The ferry runs every day, weather permitting. Two ferries run on weekends to help cut down on wait times.

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