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The ladies of Atlanta aren't boring, so why should their workouts be? From stripper poles to belly dancing, there is a workout to intrigue even the pickiest Georgia Peach.
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Thrive Fitness

Thrive Fitness is more then just a gym in Buckhead. With individual trainers available and sensational group classes unlike any any other in the city, they are the place to see and be seen in the city. One of the most unique classes available is their hardcore spinning class. Called Jus F'N Spin, the class is one-size-fits all, in that you can go as hard or as soft as you like, but the main goal is to get your butt in shape. Along with the spinning class Thrive also offers kickboxing and Extreme Fit, which is a group training program that combines boot camp and cross fit to whip you into shape in no time flat. The first class is always free at Thrive, so call them and set up an appointment to check the classes out for yourself.

Dance 101

Dance 101 might not have a huge studio or a dozen locations, but that hasn't stopped them from being named number one on everything from alternative exercise to small dance performance, or from being featured on CNN and Good Day Atlanta. Working under the assumption that dance is one of the best ways to exercise both mind and body, Dance 101 offers several different styles of classes. From the classical ballet and barre to hip-hop, jazz and video pop, you can go to work out or just to learn how to work it in one of the city's many nightclubs. There are also classes that use dance to focus on core body areas from your head to your toes. All classes are offered in both advanced and beginners several times a week.




Unit 2 Fitness

Not for the weak at heart or the weak in general, Unit 2 Fitness is hardcore. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun or that it isn't a great fit for the women of Atlanta. In fact, one of their best attributes is their women only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, that isn't toned down for women, just tailored to them, with one-on-one practice, making it not only a perfect way to get - and stay - in shape, but also a fantastic way to learn some self-defense moves. Although that is the only class offered that is just for women, they still have several classes that are women-friendly, like kickboxing, cross fit and personal training, as well as mixed martial arts, Muai Thai boxing, regular box and capoeira.

Launch Awareness Yoga

At Launch Awareness Yoga there are classes for groups and personal classes available, all in an effort to make sure that anyone who wants to participate in the classes have a time suitable for them to do so. Offering regular, intermediate and advanced yoga classes, and also those geared toward pregnancy, joints, and those who want the exercise but not the strain that often comes with it. Launch Awareness also offers something more unique, antigravity aerial yoga, which is exactly what it sounds like. Yoga in the air, which combines yoga, aerial acrobatics, dance, Pilates and calisthenics to help realign the body and working out the entire body. So lie on a mat or hang in the air, but make sure you take a trip to this studio, just outside of Atlanta, and at least try it once. That's all it will take to be hooked.

Street Studio Dance and Fitness

Just outside of Atlanta in the historic city of Roswell, Street Studio Dance and Fitness offers all kinds of classes to help you shake your butt into shape. From the traditional to the wacky to the downright salacious, there is something to tickle everyone's pleasure at Street Studio. Ballroom, salsa and belly dancing, zumba, hip-hop, pole dancing and even a fitness hula class. If you can shake it, Street Studio can teach you how to shake it to burn fat and build muscle. They even offer bachelorette parties in their Wild Orchid area, which will teach flirty strip teases as well as how to work a pole.