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Looking to lose yourself in a great book? There are well-stocked shelves waiting for you in Austin. Try these eclectic stores as you read your way to Austin’s best bookstore.
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The feminist bookstore known as BookWoman has been in operation - in some form or another - for almost 35 years. While feminist bookstores were once all the rage, BookWoman is one of the few still in existence throughout the country. Dedicated to sharing the works penned by female authors, BookWoman has a special selection of books by Austin women writers. The women behind BookWoman plan numerous store events for the community throughout the year - including everything from author readings and book signings, to book groups, to open mic nights. Apart from literary event, the store also stages fun activities like tarot card readings and music nights.

Brave New Books

Psst - hey you. Got a sneaking suspicion that nothing is as it seems on the political scene? Chances are someone’s written some literature on your government gripe or conspiracy theory -- but those texts are oh so hard to come by. At least they used to be -- the activists behind Brave New Books worked hard to build one of the world’s largest collections of obscure texts containing content believed to have been suppressed. But the store is so much more than a literary whistleblower - their events calendar is peppered with speakers ready to discuss the world’s greatest political secrets and conspiracies with like-minded individuals.

MonkeyWrench Books

If you’re looking for status quo books and publications provided by corporation-run bookstores, keep right on walking by MonkeyWrench Books. But, if you’re a free-thinking individual in the mood for a radical shift in your world view, then MonkeyWrench is the bookstore for you. The bookshop runs as a co-op with an all volunteer staff making it all happen -- but the store is more than books on shelves. MonkeyWrench uses its facility as meeting grounds for like-minded political activists to discuss social and economic justice over a cup of organic coffee or tea. And if you’re so inclined, form a progressive book club and take advantage of the store’s 15% discount for groups that pre-order books in bulk.

Recycled Reads

How in the world does a library manage to keep its shelves from overflowing when there are so many new books being released every month? By getting rid of their old, unread titles of course! Austin’s Public Library has taken it a step further than just selling outdated materials in a corner of the library - they’ve built a whole store dedicated to selling their used books. For texts too trashed to sell, Recycled Reads has gotten creative and turned the tomes into wall art, sculptures and origami. All books that can’t be sold aren’t just thrown - the store donates obsolete volumes to third-party recyclers who support literacy programs. Do yourself a favor and check out Recycled Reads shelves again and again for those hidden gems you’ve never heard of before that untold story gets shredded.

The Book Spot

Skim the Book Spot’s website and you might think the page is simply a blog about books, but don’t let the unassuming site fool you. Book Spot is an actual brick and mortar business operating in the city of Round Rock near the Austin Metropolitan area. The bookstore sells an interesting mix of both new and used books under one roof, plus has a layout that invites readers to browse. In the Kids Spot children’s book section, they have bean bags and play tables to keep kids entertained while parents browse. There’s also a Mystery Spot in the store, but don’t go mistaking it for a roadside attraction -- the section is actually dedicated to all things related to mystery and crime fiction.