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Coffee Shops in Austin, TX

Move over Seattle -- Austin's a city of coffee drinkers with an impressive collection of coffee shops to prove it. Discover our selection of the best coffee shops in Austin.
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Strange Brew Austin Coffee

It used to be that all-night diners had coffee that poured as thick as tar and tasted worse than burned rubber -- that’s not the case at Strange Brew Austin Coffee. The 24/7 cafe provides tasty organic Fair Trade coffees and espressos whether you stop by at 2 pm or 2 am. The same holds true for their menu of pastries, paninis and breakfast tacos. Free Wi-Fi and numerous outlets make Strange Brew a great place to work alone or pull an all-nighter with a study group. As an added bonus for the nearby Austin Community College South, all students and faculty receive academic discounts and specials -- so grab some java and hit the books.

Irie Bean Coffee Bar

With a name means “the ultimate positive” or “the state of feeling great,” the Irie Bean Coffee Bar is naturally a vibrant place to hang. But don’t go expecting a lot of kitschy tropical tchotchkes all over the place -- Irie cultivates a chic, modern vibe with a sleek urban décor and lush greenery. Aside from coffees and espresso, Irie’s beverage menu has a number of beers and wines to sip on while enjoying an evening of live music. If you truly want to find your Irie state of mind, stop in on one of the rare evenings when the coffee bar’s offering its limited dinner menu -- the Calypso Jerk Chicken with Mango Habanero BBQ sauce will send you straight into an island state of mind.

Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar

As a combination coffee shop, teahouse, cafe and wine bar, Apothecary carries a cure for everyone. The Apothecary’s house coffees are decadent enough alone with a list that includes Espresso, latte, mocha, toddy, cappuccino, Cubano and more. Add the Apothecary Special Elixirs into the mix and coffee addicts will find themselves needing an immediate caffeine fix. The Longhorn - a latte topped with caramel and white chocolate - is a local favorite, but our top choice is the rich simplicity of the latte blended with dark and white chocolate called Ebony & Ivory. Plus you can’t go wrong at a coffeehouse that has it’s own executive chef in the kitchen cooking up delicious dishes that pair beautifully with you favorite brew.

Austin Java

Funky, yet refined. That’s how Austin Java describes itself - and they definitely got it right. Vintage decor and creative menu filled with dishes like Spicy African Peanut Soup turn Austin Java into a place that’s both classy and quirky. And let’s not forget about the coffee. The brew that grew the small Austin coffeehouse into a local chain - with five locations and counting - has never been better. Austin Java features a new bean every month for its Around the World coffee club, and even have a catering service that lets you get your favorite Java sandwiches and beverages brought straight to your event with their complimentary delivery service.

Caffe Medici Espresso & Coffee House

At Caffe Medici, the baristas turn the act of brewing coffee into an art. Much like a fine wine, the cafe’s special Espresso Medici blend was perfected to include multiple levels of flavor that’s at once nutty, fruity and sweet with a hint of caramel butter at the finish. Both coffee novices and aficionados are invited to explore the flavors hidden in all of Caffe Medici’s coffees at their special coffee-tasting events known as “cuppings.” For patrons who’d rather express their artistry than test their palettes can participate in the cafe’s Latte Art Throwdown competitions to see if they can create the best creamy design in their cup.