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Family Activities in Baltimore, MD

With tons of family friendly options like the aquarium, science center, and railroad museum you are sure to find something for everyone!
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The Walters Art Museum

This art museum offers the permanent exhibits free to the public, located in one of the prettiest areas of Baltimore this is a great afternoon destination for you and your family. The permanent exhibits include Asian art, ancient Islamic art, and art from the Medieval, Renaissance, and 18th and 19th centuries. The permanent exhibits give a good tour of history and good cultural diversity. The touring exhibits are always interesting, but do require a fee for admission. In the past exhibits have included interesting exhibits like ancinet Egyptian art that also included an interactive piece allowing children to create their own hieroglyphics. 

National Aquarium in Baltimore

One of the highlights of Baltimore's Inner Harbor is the National Aquaruim in Baltimore, a popular destination for tourists and locals alike the aquarium is fun for the entire family. You walk into the building and each level holds something new, starting with the sharks and rays, followed by the frogs, and capped off by the rain forest on the top level. But the highlight of the visit will be the dolphins. Usually a show runs every hour and you can get your tickets for the show with your admission tickets, the show is interactive and you will once be amazed at just how smart animals are. 

Maryland Science Center

Located in the Inner Harbor the science center will quickly become a family favorite, for starters they get the coolest touring exhibits and the permanent exhibits are great as well. The permanent exhibits include more hands on science experiments than can be listed, but some highlights are the pulley and the computer that can tell your height by measuring the amount of air that you displace. Activities that the little ones can enjoy as well as acitvities that can work the minds of the older kids. Enjoy everything from dinosaurs to astronauts in one place!

B&O Railroad Museum

Come visit the birthplace of American commercial railroading. In the museum you can browse through the retired engines from days past and then you can enjoy a 20 minutes ride on the first mile of commercial railroad in the country. Along with the train ride your ticket will also get you unlimited rides on the carousel, rides on the little train for toddlers, and on happy train. Tickets are reasonably priced at $10 and parking in the lot is free and is easily accessible to the museum. 

Port Discovery

The Children's Museum in Baltimore is blast for kids and adults, the highlight of the trip will be the jumbo sized jungle gym in the middle of the museum. If you are ever at a play land or play ground with your kids and wish you could fit into the jungle gym, then here is your chance! In addition to the jungle gym there is a mini grocery store for the kids to 'shop' in, an art center for them to paint, a train for them to 'drive', and a water room for them to play in. There is a parking garage on the corner that you can pay to park in, but if you visit on the weekend it's worth driving down Baltimore Street to see if they have any free street parking.