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Boston may have a college-heavy population, but the bars aren‘t all cheap beer and dives. Boston is all about terrific creativity in the craft cocktails and thoughtful wine (and, yes, beer) lists available favorite local haunts.
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The Blue Room

It’s rare that a drinking and dining establishment can maintain that fresh atmosphere over many years, but The Blue Room in Cambridge manages to do it. It’s refined and classy yet comfortable and warm, like an old friend. The food is delicious, but you don’t have to be seated in the dining room to experience what makes The Blue Room special. Step up to the bar and order a sublime cocktail or harmoniously layered glass of wine. Try the Violets are Blue or the Rosemary Vesper to find out what has made the The Blue Room a Cambridge favorite for years. Better yet, pair those cocktails with one of the best Sunday brunches in Boston and start the week off right.

The Beehive

In the trendy South End there are lots of bars to compete for your attention as you amble along Tremont Street on a weekend night. Too often one bar fades into the next -- but a stop at the Beehive stands out and doesn’t disappoint. This is the place to go for a rousing evening of music and people-watching -- and a terrific eight page wine and drinks list, with a heavy focus on sparkling wines. Clearly, this is a place that knows every day is a cause for celebration! Try champagne cocktails like the Persian Kitty or the Bjork (with a sugar cube, of course) or a “regular” cocktail like the Apparatus with lychee-infused Cognac. You’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Les Zygomates

Tucked away in the Leather District is one of Boston’s original wine bars, and still one of its best. Suits may fill up the place when the work day is over, but the atmosphere is anything but stuffy. The terrific wine list transcends the usual classifications, and almost all wines are available by the glass -- or even by the “taste“; if you’ve always wondered what an $80 wine tastes like, this is your chance. There’s a Tuesday tasting series for your education -- and enjoyment, or you can organize private wine tasting events for special occasions. Super classy bachelorette evening, anyone?

Deep Ellum

A little outside the city is a neighborhood bar to trump all neighborhood bars. With a host of locals holding down the fort and plenty of hospitality for new faces, Deep Ellum serves up the bar scene right with an extensive selection of beers (a rotating selection on tap -- at least 20 at a time, and about 100 in bottles), a solid wine list, terrific cocktails (cold and warm) -- even six different types of Manhattans from which to choose. It’s fun, not fussy, delicious, and sometimes a little decadent (hello, over 30 bourbons, whiskeys and ryes!), and always a great choice for cocktail hour that slides into a great meal. Yeah, they have good eats, too.

Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks

There was a time not so long ago when Kenmore Square was a little, uh, rough around the edges. But not any more! There’s been a revitalization under the Citgo sign, and Eastern Standard is very much a part of it. A stretch of sidewalk that was once suspect is downright swanky -- right down to the spectacular cocktails served up at Eastern Standard’s vibrant, hopping bar. It’s a place to stop with your girlfriends, meet a blind date, or even take your visiting parents to show them how much your tastes have evolved.  If cocktails aren’t your thing (Are you sure? Try the Au Provence or the L’Amerique!), there’s a thoughtful wine list or even several delish mocktails if you’re the designated driver for the evening.