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Looking for artsy pours, shade-grown beans and cute barista boys -- not to mention, coffee that makes your mouth water? You'll find them at Boston's best coffee shops.
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They don't offer cream at this stand-up coffee bar in East Arlington. If you want cream, fahgedaboudit! This is not your kind of place. Barismo is for the true coffee connoisseur, as if the giant steel coffee roasting machine in the middle of the room didn't make it obvious. The folks at this hole-in-the-wall joint are true coffee geeks. They love it, they live it, and they will serve you coffee filtered through cotton that will rock your world. Awesome oolong tea, too. Try the espresso soma, their flagship brand--sweet and slightly chocolate-y with a hint of fruit.

Boston Common Coffee Co.

"I feel like I'm on the set of Friends," a girlfriend said as she sunk into the cushy leather couch at BCCC with her chai latte and an orange-blossom muffin top. "Tastes like Trix cereal," the barista said of the muffin. True! This North End coffee shop has become a beloved hangout - baristas actually do remember your order when you're a regular. They offer a fab combination of killer coffee and fresh baked goods, made in-house. Locavore alert: They roast their own beans in a plant in Hopedale, MA. Boston Common Coffee actually has three locations in the city, but this one is coziest, with great people watching from the window seats.

Flat Black Coffee Company

Set in the hustle-bustle of Boston's Financial District, Flat Black Coffee is a little oasis of calm. Tune out the urban madness as you sip one of 20 single-origin coffees from around the world. Don't resist an asiago-and-prosciutto scone -- they're super-tasty, as are all the baked goods here, from local purveyors like Iggy's. They offer four daily special coffees, incredibly rich tasting, thanks to micro-roasted beans, plus a great chai tea latte and creative espresso drinks. All of this is enhanced by a rotating gallery of local art, cool jazz on the sound system and a manager/barista with gorgeous green eyes. Plan to linger awhile!

Sip Cafe

This little glass-walled coffee shop has one of the sweetest pieces of real estate in Boston -- the leafy park at Post Office Square. There are a few tables indoors, where "for here" orders are served in real china, and a grassy lawn with wooden benches outside, where you can sip their single-origin house java or the "featured" coffee du jour. Great cappuccino, too. Even when they're busy -- and they always are -- the staff here takes the time to give you an artsy pours and make sure that your soy milk is properly foamed. Such a nice change from the soulless chains.

Thinking Cup

Across the street from Boston Common, this cozy coffee shop/cafe has a Parisian feel, and prices to match, alas. But you will be enchante once you've settled in at a two-top table and had your first sip of hazelnut ooh-la-latte and a taste of that divine peanut butter-caramel tart. They grind their own hazelnuts for the latte, and the result is quite luscious. Tiny hazelnut bits swim in your cup, adding a lovely little crunch to the last couple of sips! They also serve the much-buzzed-about Slumptown Coffee from Portland, Oregon, and a selection of sandwiches and salads. Open late, too (10:00 or 11:00 p.m.) -- so European!