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Those Newbury Street boutiques won't shop themselves, you know! To keep you going, nosh a little something sweet from one of Boston's best dessert shops.
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An entire restaurant devoted to desserts. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Dream no more! And get yourself to Finale at one of their three locations around Boston. After a meal out or just because, Finale offers a stunning array of individually sized and delectable desserts almost any time of the day, and well matched beverage pairings, too (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Okay, yes, Finale has expanded and you can order a light lunch or dinner before diving into your butterscotch pudding or cheesecake or molten chocolate cake, but the focus here really is on desserts and it shows, er, tastes in every single savored bite.


The New York Times once called Toscanini’s “The best ice cream in the world.” Now, that’s a pretty awesome reputation to live up to year after year after year. But Tosci’s (as the afficionadoes call it) does.  Located in Central Square, it’s a magnet for the local college population. And their unique -- okay, sometimes esoteric -- flavors keep your taste buds on edge, waiting for more and wondering what‘s next. “Burnt caramel,” one of Tosci’s more popular flavors may sound weird and somewhat unappetizing, but one taste and you will be converted. And you’ll be back for more. Maybe next time try the Prune Armagnac or the Early Grey.

Café Vanille

On any afternoon, you can find respite from the cobblestones of Beacon Hill at Café Vanille on Charles Street. Yes, you’ll say that you’ll have just one petit four from the case with your latte. But one taste and you know why Café Vanille has received the Best of Boston award several times over. You’ll have a strawberry kayak, please, and a Paris-Brest. Oh, and a fruit tart to take home for an after dinner treat. And if you find yourself in the suburbs, you’ll be sure to stop in to Café Vanille’s other locations in Chestnut Hill, Sharon and Duxbury (called “French Memories” in Sharon and Duxbury).


It looks like the cupcake trend is going beyond trend; cupcakes are here to stay. Innovative bakeries are putting out some pretty amazing flavors in these perfectly portable portions, and Sweet in Boston is one of them. Beautiful to look at and even better to eat, Sweet makes a menu of cupcakes available year round, including the locally inspired Boston Cream Pie cupcake, alongside seasonal and holiday specialties such as Pink Lemonade, Pumpkin, and Candy Cane. And don’t forget a special Sweet cupcake treat for you canine friend, too; Sweet makes an applesauce and oatmeal cupcake just for Fido.

Kick Ass Cupcakes

In hip Davis Square in Somerville, you’ll find not just delicious, slightly quirky cupcakes, you’ll find a bakery taking it to the cupcake edge. Stout beer in your frosting? You betcha. A cupcake dipped in chocolate like a cookie, or even deep fried? Why not! Limited edition flavors you may or may not see again? Definitely.  All delicious? Without a doubt. Kick Ass uses the best all natural ingredients, including locally sourced dairy products. Your gluten-free friends can special order Kick Ass cupcakes -- and they even make special KittyCakes for your feline friends!