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Gyms/Group Classes in Boston, MA

Whether you are a gym rat or are tentatively exercising for the very first time, there are gyms and classes throughout the Boston area that can help you get in shape -- or in better shape. From standard gym classes to yoga to boot camp, transform your body with the help of some rockin’ Boston fitness pros.
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Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women

Healthworks Fitness is a gym the guys will envy. Spacious, clean, bright, plenty of equipment, friendly staff, lots of class options…what more could a girl want? Not much as it turns out! This small local chain has set the standard for women-only gyms and strives to live up to that standard everyday, from the moment you walk in the door, through the wide range of classes, and right up until you walk out the door feeling more like you‘ve been at a spa instead of a gym. Okay, so it’s not the cheapest deal around, but if you get what you pay for, you’re getting your money’s worth. Careful you don’t over-exercise -- yes, you’ll want to workout at Healthworks that much.

Sweat Box

Where can you combine boxing, hip hop, gymnastics and more into one unique, body sculpting workout? At Sweat Box. A mixed martial arts-based workout designed specifically for women, Sweat Box takes the gym experience to another level. It’s different, it’s personal, and it gets results. Located within FitCorp, classes get your heart pumping quickly, then move on to pushing you farther, mentally and physically, than you ever thought you could go. You’ll be stronger in every way -- and you’ll keep coming back for more. Look for introductory packages to get started, and be prepared for a long term commitment that you’ll make gladly.


Total Performance Sports

Done with the idea of gyms? Over classes? Are you ready to go to the next fitness level? Then you don’t need a place to exercise, you need a place to train. Total Performance Sports is that place. It take fitness to the next level, helping you to meet specific fitness and performance goals, whether they are strength goals, cardio endurance or agility for a specific sport or activity. The staff at Total Performance Sports offers specific programs (Bridal Boot Camp, anyone?) or can help you tailor a program to your needs -- and gives you the tools and motivation to meet your goals.  It’s not just fitness, it’s total body (and life) transformation.

Boston Body

If Pilates is your thing -- or you’re looking to try it -- try Boston Body to take your Pilates body shaping to the next level. With professional guidance, both on the mat and on the reformer (and at the ballet barre) you’ll see the results of your hard work with leaner legs, a tighter bum, and general overall body confidence. The staff is warm and welcoming, the studios bright and clean, and there are numerous options and packages to get you started -- and addicted to this kind of exercise. Before long, you’ll be hooked -- and you’ll never go back to the elliptical.

Sweat and Soul Yoga

If you’re more of an ohm girl, but still want some diversity in your yoga classes, try Sweat and Soul. Vary your usual vinyasa class with a hip hop yoga class…or step into the deep chill when you need to center as much as sweat. If you like to mix up your yoga practice with more intense cardio workouts, Sweat and Soul now also offers spinning classes. No matter which class you’ll choose, you’ll get a great workout in a supportive environment. Drop-in yoga classes are inexpensive ($10, cash only) so hit the ATM and get there early for a good spot in the room.