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Outdoor Activities in Boston, MA

From urban parks to pristine beaches, getting outdoors in Boston is easier than you think. Hop a ferry, meet some historic figures, go surfing or practice Tai Chi -- Boston has an outdoor activity for just about everyone.
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Pinehills Golf Club

If golf is your thing, Pinehills is your place. An hour south of Boston (not quite to Cape Cod) is Pinehills Gold Club. Two 18-hole courses await you, without astronomical country club initiation fees. For a daily fee, try to master courses designed by Nicklaus and Rees Jones. You can take a lesson, privately or as part of a group, to improve your swing -- or at least the amount of fun you have. If you just love it, get a season pass, or plan a girls day out on the course. The staff is friendly, the after golf grille tasty, and the commitment just right. Call to make a reservation for your next tee time today.

World's End

It’s not really the end of the world, but with the gorgeous coastal scenery and fresh air, but you might imagine World’s End in Hingham a content final view. Only 15 miles from downtown Boston, World’s End is a peaceful peninsula that offers 4 ½ miles of foot and carriage paths for walking and viewing. Admire the rocky shoreline, the salt marsh nourished by the tides, or the view of the Boston skyline. In the late 1800s, the site was going to be developed into homesites, and noted landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead was hired to design the paths that were intended to be roads among the houses. Lucky for us the homes were never built: World’s End is a wonderful place to appreciate the natural splendor of New England.

Community Boating

How often have you looked out at the boats on the Charles River on a beautiful summer day and thought, “I wish I knew how to sail.“ Stop wishing and make it happen! A non-profit, run in association with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, Community Boating is oldest continuously operating community sailing program in the United States. Situated along the Charles River very near Beacon Hill and downtown Boston, Community Boating is Boston’s go to organization for learning to sail and windsurf... affordably. And, once the skills have been mastered, you can rent a boat or windsurfing equipment for an afternoon on the water. Community Boating also makes sailing accessible to the disabled by offering specially rigged boats and low cost rentals.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

In the heart of downtown, where there was once the ugly elevated roadway of the southeast expressway, there is now the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. Not only did the Big Dig sink the hideous steel, it opened up downtown in a whole new way. Where once there were shadows, there is now light -- and life. With public art and lots of lawn space and gardens, it’s a wonderful place for the weekday working folks to sit for a sunny lunch -- but it’s also a destination for weekend picnics, Tai Chi classes, splashing in a fountain, joining in some lawn games, or picking up some fresh produce at the seasonal farmers market. There’s no better place in Boston to smell the roses.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery

A cemetery? Yes, a cemetery. Sometimes you need some reflection and introspection with your fresh air and staying active -- and Mt Auburn Cemetery is just the place to make that connection. A National Historic Landmark that’s full of history, art, architecture, interesting horticulture, urban wildlife, and, yes, graves of some famous but mostly not famous people, a walk through Mt. Auburn Cemetery not only gets your legs moving, it gets your mind moving. Although there’s no jogging through the cemetery there’s plenty of variety in the terrain for your walks -- and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to keep you company.