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Dog's Day Out in Chicago, IL

From dozens of dog-friendly shops to indoor doggie fitness classes, Chicago dogs have plenty to keep them busy all year-round.
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Barker & Meowsky

There are dog people and there are cat people, and there are few places where they can co-exist peacefully. Barker & Meowsly is one of those places. They carry a large selection of high quality food, toys, and equipment for both cats and dogs.  Grooming is also available for both cats and dogs.

This is definitely not the place to buy your dog's food regularly as the prices are through the roof. But on a slow Sunday, when you're looking for a fun way to pass a few hours, Barker & Meowsly is a great place to head to get your dog a unique new toy or treat.

Chopin Dog Park

The views are the reason to head to this dog park. If you're not in the mood to sit and watch your dog run around in a fenced in dog park, you can take him or her for the stroll of his/her life through the gorgeous 8-acres of Chopin Park.

This is one of the many parks founded in 1934 by the parks district. As it is situated in the Old Portage Park District, a heavily Polish area, it was named after Polish-born French composer Chopin.

Cyrano's Bistrot

After a full morning at the dog park, it's nice to share a meal together, but because this is not Europe, it can be hard to find a restaurant that will welcome both you and your dog.  Luckily, there are a few restaurants throughout Chicago that welcome man's best friend at outdoor tables with a bowl of water, a pat on the head, and some doggie treats.

Cyrano's Bistrot is a wonderful restaurant for both you and your dog. They even have a menu of treats for your dog that you can enjoy outside, dreaming of Paris. Having a dog's day out is a wonderful way to spend the day, but finishing it up with a glass of wine and a plate of fine cheese makes it the perfect day.

Integrative Pet Care’s Fitness Club

The sight of the ice caps on Lake Michigan no longer need to depress your dog this winter. Instead of taking your dog for a frigid walk on the frozen shores of Lake Michigan, head to Integrative Pet Care's Fitness Club where your dog will be able to frolic in warm water as though it was August again.  In a warm and bright room, he’ll be able to ride an underwater treadmill or walk against jets in a resistance poo, all supervised by a trained therapist. $63 may seem like a lot to spend for a thirty minute activity, but if you compare it to the cost of flying your winter frustrated pet to the Caribbean, it will seem like a bargain.


Montrose Dog Beach

The Montrose Dog Beach is Chicago's first legal off-leash beach and is frequently described as heaven on earth. The beach is huge and fenced. Be careful with smaller dogs as they may be able to slide through the fence. Doggie poop pick up bags are provided, and plenty of garbage bins are strategically placed along the fence, so you don't have to walk around with a bag full of poo.

The Dog Beach is open during all regular Chicago Park District hours, roughly from sun-up till 9 P.M. Morning hours are the most popular with dog beach users. The Dog Beach is free, but DFA tags are required for all dogs. The cost of a DFA tag is $5.