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Lunch Spots in Chicago, IL

Looking for a hidden gem to grab a quick bite to eat? Or perhaps you have the afternoon free to indulge in a leisurely lunch? Either way, you'll find the best lunch spots right here in Chicago.
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Pop Rocks-coated foie gras lollipops and lobster corn dogs are just a few of the eccentric items you can find on the menu at this trendy River North eatery. Owned by five-star chef Graham Elliot, this casual restaurant has loads of quirky character balanced with a laid back vibe. Be sure to bring some green with you, Grahamwich is cash-only.


You simply can't have a Chicago food roundup without showcasing Rick Bayless, one of Chicago's culinary standouts. Bayless owns Xoco, a casual eatery in the River North neighborhood that highlights Mexican street food. Xoco is the casual counterpart to it's fine-dining next-door neighbors Frontera Grill and Topolobampo (also owned by Bayless). Don't miss the housemaid churros, made fresh and served hot!


A true hidden gem, this DePaul neighborhood staple has doled out comfort food to hungry students and residents for generations. Branko's is a family-owned restaurant known for their top-notch Italian beef (a Chicago favorite) and juicy gyro platters. While waiting in line check out the wall o'fame, filled with photos and endorsements from dozens of Chicago-lebrities. 

Hot Doug's

In Chicago, there's no bones about it: Hot Doug's is the reigning sausage king. Restaurant goers are happy to wait in dubiously long iines in rain, sleet or snow just to get a taste of a dog from Hot Doug's. After all, this is not your typical hot dog joint. Hot Doug's sausage selection includes rabbit, boar, pheasant, duck, even kangaroo, with toppings just as unique (brie! smoked gouda! truffle sauce!). Be prepared for a lengthy wait no matter the time of day, but trust us, it's worth it.

Manny's Cafeteria and Delicatessen

Chicago might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think, best delicatessen, but Manny's is here to change all of that. Most famous for their mile high award-winning corned beef sandwiches, Manny's is the highly regarded deli of choice for a host of high-profile celebrities and politicians. Don't have time to visit the store? Check out their outpost located conveniently in the Chicago Midway Airport.