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Coffee Shops in Columbus, OH

Who needs sleep? If your eyelids start to get heavy, head to one of Columbus’ coffee shops for a pick-me-up, pronto! You’ll be ready to go again in no time!
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Yeah, Me Too

Not big on choices? This place is for you. Yeah, Me Too offers only one type of coffee at a time, and it’s available iced or hot. Not a fan of black coffee? They’ll give you cream and sugar, but that’s about it. If you’re in the mood for a snack, they may or may not have a basket of fresh pastries from a local bakery on the counter, but don’t count on it. They sell fresh roasted coffee beans in a few varieties, as well. Don’t plan on staying to sip your drink; there are no tables, chairs or Wi-Fi in this tiny shop. The beauty of this place is the taste of the coffee. Without the flavored syrups and whipped topping to hide behind, the brew has to be delicious – and it always is.

Crazy Goat Coffee

The best qualities about Crazy Goat Coffee are the location and the chairs. They’ve got the perfect setup, right in the middle of Gahanna’s beautiful Creekside area, so they’re surrounded by nature, as well as great shopping. Once you get inside, though, you won’t want to leave. The comfy chairs, free Wi-Fi and cozy fireplace make it a place you can easily spend the day. Their coffee is great and available in lots of flavors. If you have a sweet tooth, try the frozen White Mocha – you won’t be sorry! The also serve fresh-baked pastries, as well as a lunch menu. Crazy Goat is Earth-friendly, so bring your own reusable cup and you’ll get a discount on top of their already moderate prices.

Caffee’ Apropos

There aren’t a lot of businesses in this part of town, so you’re not likely to stumble upon Caffee’ Apropos by accident. Once you do find them though, you’ll find yourself coming back again and again. The small coffee shop is a full-on café in the morning, then transforms into a wine shop and bistro around noon. It makes another transformation when the sun goes down into a neighborhood bar. The best part is that during all these transformations, the cozy neighborhood feel never goes away. Grab a booth, plug in your laptop and spend the day. In fact, many patrons do just that, so come early and claim a good seat next to one of the many outlets.

Café Brioso

Café Brioso fits perfectly with the atmosphere in downtown Columbus. The place is small, but not cramped, and they have plenty of seating. They’re always busy, especially during morning rush hour, but somehow they manage to keep the line moving quickly. The coffee is excellent – often referred to as the best in Columbus. They also have great sandwiches that look almost as wonderful as they taste. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, so if you’re not sure what to order, just ask. They close at 4 p.m. every day, so make sure to plan your stop for before work, not after.

Travonna Coffee House

This coffee house in the Short North is great because they encourage you to get comfortable and stay awhile. Big comfortable chairs, ample outlets, free Wi-Fi and friendly servers are only the beginning. Not only are the drinks served in-house delivered in giant root beer mugs, but refills are self-serve and only a quarter! If you’re on the move and don’t have to stay, call ahead; they’ll make your drink to order and bring out to your car so you don’t have to worry about feeding a meter. One caution – drinks from Travonna are very sweet, so if you don’t have a sweet tooth when it comes to coffee, this may not be your place.