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Columbus, Ohio is a great place to get your exercise on! The city is packed with fun exercise classes and unique gyms that will make you want to work out!
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R Studio

R Studio is a workout studio meant just for women. Not only will they get your body into great condition, but they’ll do wonders for your confidence, and heal you completely – mind, body and spirit! They offer a wide range of fun classes, including yoga, zumba, hip hop dance and boxing. Their most popular offering by far, though, is their pole dancing class. Another fun class you’ll find here is chair fitness, which is choreographed dancing with chairs. Learn how to have fun and feel sexy while you work on your figure! The second Friday of every month is Girls’ Night. Girls’ Night has a different theme every month, but is always more of a party than a workout.

Columbus Commons Fitness Classes

Columbus Commons is a city-owned park situated right in the center of downtown, but there’s a lot more to do here than people watch. The park attracts locals of all ages because of the free Wi-Fi and children’s carousel, but fitness buffs are flocking to the park for a whole different reason. Fit Club, a local fitness group, hosts free fitness classes at the park when the finicky Ohio weather permits. Classes start in late spring and continue through summer and fall. Classes offered usually include kick boxing, yoga and a fitness boot camp class. Check the park’s website for a schedule since it’s always changing, and be sure to fill out a registration form and waiver before you attend your first class. It may seem a little awkward to workout with an audience, but most are willing to entertain an audience if it means no massive club fees.

Oxygen Health and Fitness

Oxygen Health and Fitness is a privately owned gym in the Short North, just a quick walk (or run!) away from downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. They offer great one-on-one personal trainers and counseling, but you can just come in and workout or join a class if you like. One class you must check out at Oxygen is piloxing, a combination of boxing, Pilates and dance. It’s a lot of fun, and Oxygen is the only gym in Columbus it’s available! This gym doesn’t offer year-long contracts. You purchase a membership on a month-to-month basis, and the monthly rates are pretty reasonable.

Ohio Krav Maga and Fitness

Every woman needs to know how to defend herself, and Krav Maga teaches you that, and helps you get in shape in the process. Take several fighting and self-defense classes, all of which are great cardio workouts, or take a yoga class to learn on relaxation and breathing. They offer three locations around Columbus, so there’s a location convenient to you, no matter where you are! All of the classes are open to both men and women. Some classes are light contact, but others are no contact at all. If contact with instructors or students bothers you, ask about your class before signing up.

Columbus Adventure Boot Camp for Women

Do you have a big event coming up or a goal you want to reach in a hurry? If so, Columbus Adventure Boot Camp may be the solution you need. Boot Camp lasts for four weeks, and you can choose from several packages, including three, four or five days a week. You can even choose an unlimited package that lets you go to as many classes as you choose – and that’s the cheapest package, which is an awesome deal! You can choose from morning or evening classes, and each class is an hour long. Every day is different to keep you from getting bored, but you can expect weights, running, hiking, obstacle courses and more.  They believe in the program so much, that if you follow the nutrition plan and attend every class, you’ll get your money back!