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Lunch Spots in Columbus, OH

Forget fast food! Columbus offers a ton of hot lunch spots, so you can find something fast, delicious and budget-friendly, no matter what you’re hungry for.
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Phat Wraps

Trying to watch your waist line? You don’t have to stick to salads on your lunch hour. Instead of a greasy burger, you can stop in at Phat Wraps in the north University District. Choose your meat option (or just go for veggies if that’s your thing) and your cheese. They’ll grill it up on a thick tortilla and hand it over, then you carry it over to the toppings bar and create your own masterpiece. They offer a wide selection of vegetable options, as well as tons of delicious dressings. Add as much or as little as you want, it’s all included.  Phat Wraps has lots of seating if you want to eat there, and the bar stools facing the wall make it less awkward to eat alone since you don’t have to stare at an empty seat or the strange guy at the next table.

Phillips Original Coney Island

Just west of downtown, in Franklinton, is a treasure just waiting to be discovered. Phillips Original Coney Island likely hasn’t been redecorated in decades, but that’s all part of the charm. Their chili sauce is homemade and always delish. It’s made without onions, so you don’t have to watch your breath when you head back to the office. While they’re known for their coneys, they do offer a variety of sandwiches. The hot dogs are tiny, so don’t be afraid to order more than one or you’ll be calling your waitress over to place another order.

Danny’s Deli

Danny’s Deli advertises the best Reuben sandwich in town, and most locals would agree they’ve earned that title. The $9 price may seem a little steep for a sandwich, but you’ll have no problem paying the bill once you lay your eyes on the sandwich. The corned beef is piled high and the bread is warm and crispy. The sandwich is so big you probably won’t need a side, and may have enough to split with a friend. Danny’s can be tough to find. The address is Broad, but the entrance to the restaurant is actually on Front. It’s located at the bottom of the Huntington building, and the door is inside the entrance to the building’s parking garage. Parking can be tricky here, too. You can park in the garage, but it’ll probably cost you more than your meal. Try to find a meter on Front Street, or walk if you’re close enough.

Broad Street Bagels

If you’re looking for a bagel, Broad Street Bagels has just what you want. Their bagels are fresh and not too chewy, and the cream cheese is loaded with real fruits and vegetables. Don’t let the name fool you though – they have a lot more than just bagels. In fact, Broad Street Bagels boast some pretty terrific wraps, and they have some of the best breakfasts in town. Call ahead and place your order if you’re on a tight schedule and be prepared to wait. The line to get in this place sometimes stretches way down Broad. Also, don’t plan a late lunch because they close at 2:30 p.m. BSB does have seating, but it’s pretty minimal so plan another place to eat, just in case.


Loops brings the best food Chicago has to offer right to the heart of Columbus. This diner, designed around Chicago’s popular El Train, is famous for its gyros, but also has some great Chicago-style hot dogs. The best food at Loops, however, is the fries. Unless you’ve been there before, you’ve never tasted anything like them. They’re battered and crispy, no ketchup needed. The portions here are huge, so bring a friend to share. They have a great outdoor area for the warmer months, but their corner location provides good atmosphere and people-watching entertainment from inside all year long.