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Get your sleep during the day, because you’re going to be busy once night falls. Columbus comes alive at night, and there’s never a shortage of things to do.
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Columbus Funny Bone

It’s impossible to not have a good time at the Columbus Funny Bone.  Tucked into a corner of Easton Town Center, this comedy club opens nearly every night to bring laughs to their small audience. Through the week you’ll find smaller names and local faces, while bigger audiences flock to the weekend shows, usually because of a big name comedian taking to the stage. Either way, you’ll laugh ‘till you cry. The small, intimate setting means there isn’t a bad seat in the house, but it also means you’ll be practically sitting on your neighbor’s lap. The food and drink prices are high, so it’s smart to stop someplace else for dinner before or after the show. It’s a great way to start a girl’s night, or a fun way to break the ice on a first date.

Arena Grand Movie Theatre

This isn’t the same movie theatre you went to in high school. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a high school kid at this theatre, ever. Located in the heart of the city’s bustling Arena District, this theater is surprisingly not busy, even on weekends. While this may not be great for business, it’s a huge bonus for movie-goers, since there’s no lines for the concession stand or restrooms and you’re almost always guaranteed a good seat. The best seats are in the balcony. Don’t indulge at the first or second  floor concession stands, make your way up to the third floor before you make your picks. This is where you’ll find hot food and alcoholic beverages – a rare find at a movie theater. Park in the attached garage and bring your parking ticket inside for validation. If you do, you’ll only pay $1 to park, a big bonus in this neighborhood where parking is top dollar.

Adobe Gila’s

This place is Mexican restaurant by day and a full blown, party cantina by night. As soon as the sun goes down, the craziness starts and the crowds fill in. It’s usually standing room only after 10 p.m. on the weekends. They play loud music and show sports games on the televisions, but the real attraction is their frozen drink selection. If you’re there with your girlfriends, get a margarita or daiquiri in a bucket – yes, I said bucket – and it’ll arrive with as many straws as you have people. If you don’t want to share, you can still get your own monster drink in very own 64-ounce collectible mug. Your night will only get better after that.

Kitchen Den Bar

If you want to feel like a kid again, KDB is the place for you. This mega game room, filled to the brim with interactive games, lets you work some healthy competition into your night. You can race against your friends in an eight-way race, play ski ball and so much more. Go with some girls or a date, the place is perfect for both. Get some drinks at the bar and order up a few appetizers to share while you play. You probably won’t earn enough tickets to get anything worthwhile unless you shell out a ton of money, but you’ll have enough fun that that won’t matter.

Flannagan’s Dublin

Flannagan’s Dublin is like nothing else in Columbus. You can hang out indoors at the massive bar, or sit out on the patio with your feet in the sand. Yep, sand in Columbus. Flannagan’s is known for their 13 outdoor volleyball courts, something you just don’t see at bars in the Midwest. They also play live music on the weekends, usually smaller local bands. The pub does have a kitchen and they serve hot food, though most of it is usually hit or miss. Their pizza, however, is top-notch. Dress code varies widely for this place. Ladies there to get a drink or see and band usually dress up a bit, but those there to play volleyball are usually in sweats and bare foot. This means that whatever you want to wear will be just fine.