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Baby's Day Out in Dallas, TX

If you need something that’s fun for babies and kids (that won’t make teens and adults snooze), Dallas and the surrounding area are full of them! Check out these 10 fun activities.
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Gentle Zoo

Kids love exploring the world around them. Introduce them to animals they may never have seen up close and personal at Gentle Zoo. They'll be able to pet goats, chickens, ducks and more. During special evening events held periodically, the price of admission includes the petting zoo, tractor train rides, a huge sandbox and marshmallows to roast. While you're there, you can adopt an animal to ensure the zoo has plenty of food for your sweetie's new four-legged friends. They'll get a picture and bio of the animal they adopted and two more passes to come back and visit later.

If you're having a party, you can even bring the zoo to you. For a couple hundred dollars an hour, you can have a petting zoo at your special event.


Dallas Heritage Village

Dallas Heritage Village isn't just fun and educational for older kids. It presents the opportunity for one-of-a-kind photo ops for your little ones. Whether you dress them in sweet little pioneer-era outfits or their Sunday best, the rustic fields and pioneer and Victorian surroundings will help you get a postcard-worth shot of your baby. Don't forget to take over to the paddock for a peek at the Mammoth Jack donkeys, Nip and Tuck.

We suggest planning to take your precious pictures in several locations. The Pilot Grove Church is a quaint little house of worship with beautiful white steps (perfect for a group shot of all the kids together) with a lovely green lawn for photos of your youngest playing in the grass. You can also get great shots in front of the Railroad Depot, the tipi, and many other historic sites. The village does recommend bringing a bjorn, as a stroller can be clunky on the grounds. 

Forest Park Miniature Railroad

Take your tot for a ride he'll never forget on the Forest Park Miniature Railroad. This five-mile mini-train will cruise through the Trinity Park area past the Duck Pond and under the Fort Worth and Western Railroad and Grapevine Vintage Railroad. You can board at the Trinity Park Depot or the Forest Park Depot for under $4 per person (cash only), making this an inexpensive way for the whole family to see the amazingly kept Trinity Park sights. Before you head out, check the calendar on their website for the dates and times they're open and read up on the history of the railroad, which has been in operation since June 12, 1959. Just don't forget to bring your camera to take plenty of pictures of the scenery, the duckies, and the gleeful faces of your little ones. 

The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch is tons of fun for kids of all ages. Not only can you pick out exactly the right pumpkins for your jack-o-lantern, pies and fall decorations, but you can capture amazing autumn-themed photos of your wee ones next to pumpkins that are bigger than they are! In addition to the gorgeous natural backdrop the patch itself provides, you can get photos next to cartoon cutouts of some of your kids' favorite characters: they have Dumbo, Spider-Man, Shrek, Pokemon, Blues Clues, Thomas the Train, Looney Toons, Sesame Street and more! (As a bonus, tweens and teens are less likely to scoff at such a "lame" activity if it's "for the little kids.")

Although parking costs $5, admission and all activities are free. Activities include face painting, hayrides, kiddie-sized hay mazes and a pumpkin-shaped bounce house.

Butterfly House & Insectarium at Fair Park

Unfortunately for moms, babies and toddlers are often fascinated by insects. It's easy to see why. They're little and squiggly -- and sometimes even beautiful. But you'd rather they didn't play with the ones they find in your backyard (especially if they have a habit of putting things in their little mouths. The Butterfly House & Insectarium in Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park is a safe and fun place to introduce your kiddo to the six-legged inhabitants of the world around them.

There's a bonus insect display in the lobby that you can peruse before or after you enjoy butterflies from the darkest corners of the world. Keep that camera handy -- you wouldn't want to miss that one-time-only moment of your baby with a butterfly on his nose. If you'd like a professional photo session, check the website for details.