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Gyms/Group Classes in Dallas, TX

If the sweltering Lone Star sun is keeping you indoors, try one of these gyms or classes to keep your curves beach-ready and show those California girls how it’s done!
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Telos Fitness Center

If you’re tired of working out on your own never knowing if you’re getting the results you really can, Telos Fitness Center is place for you. Telos can help you obtain optimum human performance using the comprehensive corrective exercise system of Ortho-Kinetics. They can help you with everything from just playing a better 18 holes to accelerating your rehab after an accident or injury. 

They also offer group classes, like outdoor bootcamp, bootcamp yoga, cardio-core fusion, pilates, cycling, and, yes, even small-group Ortho-Kinetics. All summer long, they even have $4 mimosas and $5 bloody marys after class every Saturday from 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. so you can chat with your classmates about your fitness goals. Go to their website for info about a free trial membership.

Burlesque Body Sculpt

Dance your way to a sculpted frame – Velvet Kittens-style! Jana Edele, founder and artistic director of Dallas-area burlesque troupe The Velvet Kittens has created cabaret-inspired dance classes to amp your stamina, tone your muscles and increase flexibility, coordination and core strength. The classes are designed as a fun workout for women of all ages, whether your goal is to shape up or just decompress for an hour away from the kids. In addition to burlesque, there are classes called “Strip and Tone!” and “Sizzling Showgirl Tap.”

As an added bonus, the fun and flirty choreography you learn in class can turn into an extra treat for your man!

Absolute Boxing and Personal Training

Want a workout that pushes you to the next level and teaches you personal defense at the same time? Check out Absolute Boxing and Personal Training. They provide boxing, personal training and bootcamp for women in the Metroplex. Featured on NBC 5 with anchor Ashanti Blaize, Absolute provides top personal trainers, professional fighters, mixed martial arts instructors, boxing and kickboxing coaches, and yoga instructors. 

And to help you soothe those tired muscles after a tough workout, they even have on-staff massage therapists and wellness services for women. How do you know you’re getting the best training possible? Not only is Absolute one of the few fighting sports gyms in the area with female-specific training, the gym is run by Hollywood movie fight scene choreographer, USTU-qualified coach and level-4 personal trainer Francois Nguyen.

Beyond Pedaling

Part of Dallas’ Beyond Studios group, Beyond Pedaling is a 50-minute spin class on steroids! You’ll start on state-of-the-art stationary bikes in a cool, dark room. The bikes monitor your output and display it on the projection screen (by number, not name... so if you’re a newbie, you don’t have to worry about competing with veteran cyclists). This will allow you to track your progress (and, yes, compete with the others if you’re the Christina Aguilera ultra-competitive type). The intro session is only $15 and you should bring your own water and towel. If you like a little more variety, they also offer a Pedaling & Blast/Pilates/Barre option that allows you to take advantage of Beyond’s other studios, as well.

New Wave Fitness

Looking for a group environment without having to work out with people you don’t know? Try the couples training at New Wave Fitness! You and your hubby, mom or BFF can sign up for group personal training to provide each other with the support and encouragement you need to meet your goals – and become closer friends and partners while doing it. Stop by their website to see videos of other successful couples or even sign up for a free starter session. Their five-step process guarantees success: 1) define your goals, 2) evaluate, 3) prepare your program, 4) implement your program and 5) re-evaluate. What could be better than a group atmosphere in the comfort of your own home?