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Lunch Spots in Dallas, TX

Looking for a unique place to treat a client or have lunch with the girls? These 10 DFW mom-and-pop restaurants will keep your belly and your wallet full.
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Piranha Killer Sushi

You can’t talk about great lunch spots without at least one fantastic sushi place. Piranha Killer Sushi in Fort Worth is a cutting-edge sushi experience where diners get to relish this beloved Japanese cuisine with a “vibrant twist.” 

This forward-thinking concept gives Fort Worthians a true taste of Asia as they dine on the culinary creations of celebrated chef Kenzo Tran, featured in multiple issues of Fort Worth, Texas magazine and on NBC and the Travel Channel. Overall, it’s a bit pricey compared to other sushi places in the Metroplex, but there are options in the $10 to $15 range and it can’t be beat when you’re trying to impress an important client.

Jimmy’s Food Store

Operated by the DiCarlo family for over 40 years, Jimmy’s Food Store is a great place to grab lunch and pick up some fine meats, cheeses or wine for this Friday’s date night. The menu features a selection of Italian-inspired sandwiches made with only the finest ingredients. They’re so good, they’re the deli of choice for some of DFW’s highest-end eateries. 

Sound expensive? No worries. It’s about the same price as Subway! We recommend the Muffuletta or the Italian Sub, both voted best-in-class by the Dallas Observer. And don’t forget to stop in with some gal-pals on Saturday for one of their two wine tastings!

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Twisted Root Burger Co. has a “twisted philosophy.” Their three chefs were tired of eating itty-bitty frozen burgers that were under-seasoned and overcooked. So they opened what they consider a real burger joint. They use fresh, well-seasoned meat, homemade pickles and buttermilk fry batter to make some of the best burgers and sides in the U.S. 

This isn’t your mamma’s burger. They serve a special blend of chuck and brisket beef burgers, turkey burgers, buffalo burgers (the bovine animal, not the hot sauce) and vegetarian black bean burgers. You also never know what game meat burgers you’ll find... alligator, venison, kangaroo and more. All these fancy burgers are available for under $10.

Quick Thai

A casual setting, fast service and low prices make Quick Thai Bistro one of the top lunch stops in Colleyville. Quick Thai Bistro serves traditional Thai cuisine fresh-to-order quickly enough to accommodate a hectic lunch schedule. 

True Texas gals will love Quick Thai’s spicy food. The owners of this Asian eatery know that in Texas, we like it hot! Portions at Quick Thai are generous enough (even during lunch) for light eaters to split. We recommend the scrumptious Pad Thai. Choose from beef, chicken or pork or ask for shrimp for an additional charge. 

Insider Tip: It’s not on the menu, but they’ll gladly make most the Pad Thai with tofu.

Milk & Honey Jerusalem Market & Grill

Kosher? Even if you’re not, Milk & Honey Jerusalem Market and Grill is the go-to place for a selection of kosher favorites (supervised by Dallas Kosher with an onsite Mashgiach). Israeli-owned and -operated, Milk & Honey offers a selection of kosher favorites, most of which are under $10 a plate. Choose from the falafel, shakshoukah, shwarma or schnitzel (among other favorites). Their pita are even baked daily in the store!

While you’re there, check out the Israeli market, where you can pick up kosher dry goods, meats and cheeses, frozen foods and Jewish and Israeli newspapers. Don’t have much time? Call about their made-to-order box lunches for a great kosher meal on the go.