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Coffee Shops in Denver, CO

Denver has a wide range of coffee shops from which to chose, but there are some caffeinated gems. Here’s where Denver-ites who are in the know go for their java fix.
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Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery

On the east side of Denver’s Washington Park, you can’t miss Old South Gaylord Street, the heart of this thriving neighborhood. Smack dab in the center, you’ll find Devil’s Food Bakery & Cookery. On one side, the restaurant serves fresh and creative food that will leave you wondering what you’ll order tomorrow. On the other, a walk-up coffee bar and scrumptious dessert case tempt you to indulge. Perhaps the most refreshing characteristic of this coffee shop is that it’s a cell phone free environment. No, they aren’t kidding so step outside if you must chat on your phone. Around here, they do their talking face-to-face.

Fluid Coffee Bar

If you’re uptown and need a swanky spot to refuel, stop into Fluid Coffee Bar. The warmed up warehouse feel is perfectly balanced by comfortable furnishings and ample space to sprawl. The baristas are knowledgeable and the Nova coffee drinks are expertly created to suit your taste. The business crowd will find Fluid the perfect escape the office without sacrificing productivity. WiFi and printer services are available as well as semi-private meeting spaces. But, you don’t need to be working to enjoy this local hot spot. It’s a great place to challenge a friend to a game of scrabble or dive into a book while indulging in a perfectly foamy latte.

Crowfoot Valley Coffee

On the south side of town, Crowfoot Valley Coffee serves up some of the tastiest coffee to the Castle Rock crowd. Located in the historic downtown district, Crowfoot Valley offers a laid back vibe and plenty of space to study or read in privacy or chat it up with a friend or two. While the atmosphere is relaxed, the Crowfoot Valley crew doesn’t mess around when it comes to their beans. If you need to cool off, their coffee smoothies are fantastic. The overstuffed chairs, the friendly staff and a passion for all things java put Crowfoot Valley on the short list of Denver’s best coffee shops.

Yellow Feather Coffee

Yellow Feather Coffee is nestled in the Santa Fe Arts District on the southwest side of town. The atmosphere is funky and artsy, which makes sense given the location. They offer Ozo coffee, which is roasted in Boulder, and a wide range of tea. And if you’re a Chai fan, Yellow Feather has the perfect blend of spice. Whatever you order, you’ll taste the love with every luscious pour. The crowd is diverse and the staff is welcoming. Yellow Feather is kid-friendly and pet-friendly, which makes it overall, well, friendly. Look for the bright yellow feathers adorning the entrance.

Enchanted Grounds

For some, nothing goes together better than coffee and a good board game. If you agree, Enchanted Grounds is the place for you. Located in Highlands Ranch, on the south side of the Denver metro area, Enchanted Grounds has quite an extensive menu including CODA coffee (a local roast), sandwiches and salads from Udi’s (yep, also local) and pastries by Blue Point Bakery. While you’re waiting for your coffee, browse the shelves for a new game or check out the various clubs and gaming groups that meet regularly at Enchanted Grounds. If you’ve already had four cups of coffee and want to change things up a bit, the ice cream shakes here are killer.