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Live Entertainment Venues in Denver, CO

Most legit acts would never pass up a chance to perform in Colorado‘s capital. That’s perfectly understandable given Denver’s stellar live entertainment venues. Grab a ticket and check them out.
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The Pepsi Center

The Pepsi Center could be called the granddaddy of all event venues in Denver. If you're seeing a show here, you can pretty much expect a big time blockbuster. This is where the super stars go to strut their stuff. Home to the Nuggets (NBA) and the Avalanche (NHL), the Pepsi Center has its own light rail stop so you can skip the insane parking lot and head straight inside. It is also a few blocks away from Larimer Square and a slew of downtown hot spots. Although the Pepsi Center surely lacks any semblance of intimacy, it makes up for this shortcoming in convenience.

The Grizzly Rose

Bust out the cowboy boots and tight jeans before heading out to the Grizzly Rose. Although the location is not the best (it's right off I-25 in a less than scenic industrial area), you can't beat it for country entertainment. The shows are diverse and the dance floor is jumping at the Grizzly Rose. Live music heats up this 40,000 square foot venue six nights a week and it's a great place to catch some up and coming acts (as well as some more "classic" shows). If you want to "walk the walk" in your cowboy boots, check out their dance lesson schedule.

Herman's Hideaway

So it may not be the fanciest place around but Herman's Hideaway is a hidden gem for the live entertainment lover. It definitely gets loud in here, but that's probably what you want (as long as you're actually a fan of the band playing or act appearing). This is a great place to support local talent and the lineup is always eclectic (as is the crowd). You'll find a very laid back vibe so you can feel comfortable in your jeans and a comfy tee. Plus, Herman's has an impressive sound system, especially for such a small venue.

The Bluebird Theater

Denver has its fair share of intimate, quirky live event venues and the Bluebird just may be one of the best. People love this place. Maybe it’s the friendly staff, ample bathrooms, the energetic ambiance or the historic charm. One of the advantages the Bluebird offers over some of Denver’s other small venues is a tiered floor. Everyone may be standing but the varying levels make it easier to see the stage wherever you are. The Colfax location is great, especially if you want to get a bite or a cocktail pre- or post-show. If you can see a show at the Bluebird, run don’t walk to the box office.  

The Walnut Room

On the Northwest side of Denver you’ll find the Walnut Room just a few blocks away from Curtis Park. When you first walk in, you may not expect to find live entertainment (you’ll probably also notice that the bar looks pretty darn fun and the food looks great too!). But, if you walk towards the back, there is a separate room to see a show. The Walnut Room hosts some seriously respectable talent, which is great for live music fans because this place is known for the excellent sound quality and it is Cozy (yes, with a capital ‘C’).