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Bookstores in Green Bay, WI

Living in the Frozen Tundra, ladies survive the cold months with great reads. Get cozy and explore one of these specialty bookstores.
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Book Stop

Book Stop appeals to readers who prefer order. Here titles are arranged by type, then author. All genres have their place and satisfy every shopper’s tastes.

Located in the Beacon Center, right behind Starbucks on Mason and Military, Book Stop charms the thrifty shoppers with their remarkable prices. Each book is half the cost of the book new, with a $2 minimum.

They are the largest paperback book exchanger in the Green Bay area with over 140,000 titles in their inventory. Be book savvy. Make enough money to bring home a few new titles of your own. Exchange unwanted books and receive an in-store credit slip to apply to a used book purchase.


Attic Books & Coffee

Books have the power to be uplifting, to provide inspiration, and to move you. The vision of Attic Books & Coffee is to provide the community an environment where they can revive, refresh and renew while surrounding themselves with exquisitely prepared espresso or tea beverages, exceptional music, and most importantly high quality books.

Attic Books & Coffee offers a wide selection of gently used and new books. With over 25,000 books sold and in their collection they have everything from general fiction, mystery, romance, special interest, family and more. It’s easy to lose track of time when admiring all the books!

Barnes and Noble

This national chain has access to over a million titles but the Ashwaubenon store still has the personal touch avid readers crave. Get directed to a gotta-have book or get lost in the shelves until you discover that rare find. With rows and rows, stacks and stacks of books you’re sure to leave with an armful. Careful, the Bargain Books up front are enticing.

Every section presents a place to sit and read. Wander over to the magazine racks and read up on the most current information.

Hungry but not ready to go? The Barnes and Noble Café is place to sit and gulp Starbucks Coffee or sip one of their tasty smoothies.

BayShore Books

The collection of books at BayShore Books is as varied as their customer base. Located in Oconto, the independent bookstore offers a variety of new and used books including bestsellers, science fiction and fantasy, nonfiction, romance, graphic novels, and more. Children will find favorite titles there too.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? BayShore Books will special order new or out-of-print books and search their sources for used books.

Consider utilizing their Exchange Program. Bring gently used, unwanted books and exchange them for used book credits to get new reading material. This way you’ll never find yourself without a great read. The bookstore opens at 10 a.m. Monday-Saturday.

Bosse's News and Tobacco

In our digital world it is easy to access everything online but for avid readers there is nothing like holding a book in their hands. Bosse’s News and Tobacco recognizes the art of print isn’t lost. This family-run business has been proudly been serving the community for over 100 years.

Bosse’s News and Tobacco is an old-fashion newsstand; one of the oldest and largest in the state. While they offer among the best selections of magazines you’ll ever find they also dedicated one wall to bookworms. This wall features the top 20 best selling paperbacks, books on the beloved Green Bay Packers and many books by local authors.