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Breakfast/Brunch in Green Bay, WI

After hours of sleep, bellies wake up hungry. Give into the rumblings with a delicious breakfast at one of Green Bay’s finest local restaurants.
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Don’t let the colorful exterior fool you, Kavarna is a quiet and charming café – a perfect place to start your day. Their strong coffee will open your eyes and when you’re ready, order an egg wrap or tasty French toast. Not a big breakfast eater? Then pick from their selection of baked goods – scones, muffins and more. Wondering what’s the secret to their pastries and other menu items? Virtually everything at Kavarna is made from scratch.

Kavarna opens at 7 a.m. on weekdays, 9 a.m. on weekends. Breakfast is served a few hours each morning during the week but breakfast delights are enjoyed all day on Saturday and Sunday. Come alone or grab a pal and soak up the atmosphere before taking on the world.

Luna Coffee

The fresh-roasted coffee aroma will greet you at the door, but those planning to spend some time at Luna Coffee will be tempted to find something to snack on. Order a cappuccino or latte and grab a light breakfast. Pick from a variety of delicious pastries; one of their enormous cookies will satisfy that early morning sweet tooth.

Located in west De Pere, the café was once a turn-of-the-century horse harness maker’s shop. With a little TLC the history of the building was preserved – hard wood floors and exposed brick walls – to reveal a cozy atmosphere that brings Luna lovers back for again and again.

Nicolet Restaurant

Located next to the train tracks in De Pere, Nicolet Restaurant catches the eye of passers-by for several reasons. First, the restaurant is artfully designed to be a building you’d expect to see next to train tracks. Second, with a full parking lot and the number of people seen walking into the restaurant, you can’t help but wonder what you’re missing!

A local favorite, Nicolet Restaurant’s breakfast offerings are sure to satisfy all hungry patrons. Pick one of the Nicolet specials like eggs Benedict, steak and eggs or stuffed French toast. Or, order more traditional breakfast fare such as a three-egg omelet or a stack of pancakes fresh off the griddle.

The Pancake Place

If craving a stack of steaming hotcakes, The Pancake Place is the must-stop spot for breakfast. They serve up thick, plate-sized pancakes. Pick from different flavored cakes topped with whipped butter, strawberries, raspberries or warm syrup.

For those that are tagging along and prefer to pass on the pancakes, they are able to peruse the wide range of breakfast items on the menu. Maybe pan-made omelets or tasty breakfast sandwiches will satisfy their morning appetite. Their hash browns are always a hit. The Pancake Place boils, peels and grills each to order.

Rumor has it The Pancake Place has been known to fill the bellies of even the hungriest Packer players!

Alpha Delights

Indulge at Alpha Delights. If you are searching for the traditional bacon and eggs, this place isn’t for you. Alpha Delights serves up gourmet delights – egg crepes, quiche and croissants stuffed with raspberry and mascarpone. For a special Greek treat, try the breakfast Panini. This grilled sandwich is made with Greek sausage, feta and seasoned eggs scrambled with green and red peppers. Yum!

Looking for something lighter? Order their continental option. A just-out-of-the-oven butter croissant is served with cheese, fruit and French fruit preserves. Or, ask for a yogurt with granola. Toasted coconut, cherry and apricot granola is sprinkled over plain yogurt and served with fruit. In a hurry? Stop in for a morning latte and pastry to-go!