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Breakfast/Brunch in Green Bay, WI

After hours of sleep, bellies wake up hungry. Give into the rumblings with a delicious breakfast at one of Green Bay’s finest local restaurants.
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Grapevine Café

Grapevine Café in Bellevue opens their doors every day at 8 a.m. to welcome guests who want to start their morning with a delicious breakfast. Known to live up to their slogan – great atmosphere, great food, great service – the Grapevine Café staff are pouring the coffee long before diners have made their breakfast selection.

The menu boasts a variety of omelet, French toast and breakfast sandwich specialties. The berry hazelnut stuffed French toast is unforgettable; the asparagus and spinach scrambler is unlike anything else found in the Green Bay area. Each item is prepared to order by a talented team of chefs.

Julie’s Café and Catering

If your day starts at dawn, Julie’s Café is open and ready to serve you breakfast. But, don’t worry if your day starts a bit later, they serve breakfast all day long!

Julie’s Café has two locations in the Green Bay area – one off Velp in Suamico and the other in the city’s east side. Both offer the same tasty, old-fashion breakfasts Wisconsin is known for.

If you’re an egg gal, you’re in luck. Julie’s Cafe offers 10 varieties of omelets, even an uncommonly seen gyro omelet. Take time to check out the specialty scrambles and skillet section on the menu or stick with the traditional breakfast farm style.

If you’re craving for pancakes, pick from the nine variations of flapjacks – make mine the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cakes!

Uncle Mike's Bake Shoppe

Voted the Best of the Bay the last 5 years, Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe is a true treasure for those that crave sweets. Their donuts are perfectly fried every day. The display cases are filled with a delicious variety; many donuts are filled with an irresistibly rich white cream. But, be careful. The secret’s out. Most locals have discovered how amazing their donuts are. Wait too long and they’ll be gone.

Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe has two locations, east De Pere and Suamico. Both are open by 6 a.m. for the early risers hoping to bring treats to work. Or, sit back, sip on one of the bakery’s specialty drinks and enjoy your treat before beginning the day.


Harmony Café

Eating at Harmony Café just makes you feel good. Sure, they have the good-for-you vegetarian and vegan breakfast options, but it is also rewarding to make a difference. All sales income from Harmony Café goes to Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin. This money support innovative and impactful programs throughout the community.

So, stop by often. Order one of their breakfast sandwiches, omelets or plates of Belgian waffles. Their breakfast wraps are a hit. With names like Serenity Wrap, Daylight Wrap and Balance Wrap they deserve a closer look. Two include eggs; one combines peanut butter, honey, granola, apple slices and dried cranberries. Clever!

Get comfy. With free Wi-Fi, many consider Harmony Café as their “office without cubbies.”

Mustard Seed Café

Step inside the Mustard Seed Café in Bellevue and tables with fresh flowers and crisp linens are lined up to greet you. But, while the place is charming, the food and service is what will bring you back time and time again.

Chef Ken puts his signature on every dish. Their breakfast selections fill two pages within the menu. Choose from the memorable, mouth-watering Mascarpone stuffed Fresh toast or try the spicy Breakfast Gumbo. With a twist on lunch fare, they’ve created an Early Riser Panini.

A section of healthy breakfast items earned a spot on the menu; the chef shops local vendors and farmers’ markets to cook up a fresh and memorable meal every time.