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Coffee Shops in Green Bay, WI

In the Dairy State we may be known for our cheese, but Green Bay’s coffee shops can hold their own. Sip away at one of these beloved java shops.
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Caffe Espresso

Whether you are craving a hot latte or wanting to sip cappuccino, it’s all at Caffé Espresso. This downtown Green Bay hot spot has been a gathering place for locals for decades. In the heart of the city’s entertainment district, Caffé Espresso has its own sense of style and energy.

Getting your caffeine fix here is easy. Try mixing flavors like Butterscotch, Caramel, Passion Fruit or Praline with a latte, espresso or cappuccino. They have over 50 coffee combos. Make Caffé Espresso the after dinner stop and choose from their lengthy spirited concoction menu. They are open until midnight Monday through Saturday.

Crystal Coffee Cafe & Beanery

The adoration of coffee unites all that frequent Crystal Coffee Café and Beanery. The closeness of three sisters and their passion for serving a tasty cup of coffee is evident each visit. While the café was one of the first coffee shops in the community over 25 years ago, they’ve kept up with the times. They roast their own beans and create custom blends. In addition to the delicious hot brewed coffee, Crystal Coffee Café and Beanery serves espresso drinks, lattes, mochas, smoothies, protein shakes and more. The drive-thru makes it convenient to grab and go while those that want to sit and escape the chaos of the office come to hop on their Wi-Fi.

Harmony Cafe

While coffee pours freely at Harmony Café, it is unlike any other coffeehouse in the Green Bay area. Each sip gives you a ‘feel good’ feeling. The mission of Harmony Café is to provide a safe and peaceful place to celebrate the diversity of people, ideas and activities. As a non-profit café, all sales income goes to Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin to support programs that impact fellow community members. And it doesn’t stop there. They are a green coffeehouse -- the coffee is organic and they only buy fair trade beans. All that and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Harmony Café is a common place for acquaintances to meet. Come for breakfast or stay for lunch.

Ice House Coffee & Creamery

The search for the best selection of coffee in Ledgeview ends at the Ice House Coffee & Creamery. Located in the charming Olde School Square, the Ice House has flavorsome coffee and espresso. Sip your morning cup of Joe indoors or out -- the seating here tops traditional cafés. Inside comfy couches call you to sit awhile. The outdoor patio is filled with colorful Adirondack chairs so get that caffeine jolt while watching the world go by. In a hurry yourself? Place your order at the drive-thru window. Fruit smoothies, fresh bakery and ice cream cones are other Ice House favorites.

Jitter Bean Coffee & Ice Cream

Some mornings it takes all our energy to get out of the bed. For those non-morning people, try starting the day with a friendly face and a dose of caffeine. Pleasant Jitter Bean Coffee & Ice Cream employees are ready to make your day with their superior service and a smile. Located on the much-traveled Highway GV, they are an easy stop on the way to work. Jitter Bean is focused on convenience and has a drive-thru window to serve guests. They invite those that have a minute to sit to soak up the atmosphere. Before ordering the everyday coffee with cream check out their monthly drink specials -- there is surely one that will wow you. They occasionally feature a Packer Backer latte for our beloved team.