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Lunch Spots in Green Bay, WI

As the clock is about to strike noon, growling stomachs are demanding to be fed. Grab the ladies and head to Green Bay’s most-loved lunch hot spots.
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Pasquale's International Cafe

If you’re longing for an Italian dish, look no further than Pasquale’s International Café in De Pere. Pasquale’s Chicago-style Italian food is made from coveted family recipes carried over from the Old Country.

This place isn’t for the indecisive. With an extensive menu you’ll spend as much time pouring over your options, as you will eating your food. Choose a big bomber – a cold sandwich served on a bakery loaf. Ask your server for their award-winning ribs. Or, fill up on one of their signature pasta dishes. Whatever you do, make sure you are eating with someone who appreciates fabulous food – you aren’t going to look dainty chowing down that chilidog.

El Sarape

When meeting friends, Mexican restaurants are always at the top of the lunch-out list. Munching on chips and salsa while catching up, and waiting for the entrées, is always a hit over the noon hour.

El Sarape pleases hungry diners with their generous portions. You can’t go wrong with one of their weekday lunch specials. Six options are available for a reasonable $5.25. A combo, such as two enchiladas, two tacos, or two chimichangas, along with beans or rice, is more than enough to fill the famished.

The atmosphere is casual, yet charming. A server takes your order but when you’re ready to leave, bring your check to the cashier and be on your way.

Parisi's Delicatessen

Ladies are buzzing about Parisi’s Delicatessen in downtown Green Bay. One of the newer delis in town, Parisi’s Delicatessen is located within the well-known coffeehouse, Kavarna.

A craving for a simple, delicious turkey sandwich was the inspiration behind the deli’s founding. Last year the delicatessen opened to serve Wisconsin artisanal cheeses and superior meats – to take home or to eat on a sandwich. Not surprisingly, five variations of turkey sandwiches are now on the menu. All sandwiches are served with pickles and kettle chips or greens.

The atmosphere invites ladies to linger. Eat lunch and then sneak to the Kavarna side for a ridiculously good cup of coffee.

Grapevine Cafe

Grapevine Café is the ultimate gathering place. While the menu alone is enough to make your mouth water, the atmosphere is unlike any other establishment.

Inviting tables, oversized chairs, and cozy nooks fill the restaurant. The intimate setting makes you feel like you and your gal pals are the only ones there. But, given the popularity of Grapevine Café, chances are you’ll run into a familiar face or two.

The menu features a variety of specialties including gourmet sandwiches, Panini’s, wraps, burgers, homemade soups and luscious desserts. Grapevine Café boasts nine types of salads, the perfect lunch pick. When craving chicken salad, this is the place to go.

Monzu Bistro

From the windows of Monzu Bistro, you can watch the world zip by. Slowly savor your lunch and let the morning’s worries fade away. Located on North Broadway in downtown Green Bay, Monzu Bistro is a charming restaurant within the active shopping district. Inside all is calm and quiet. And tasty.

Known for their delectable pastries and cakes, Monzu Bistro is also a popular pick for their unique blend of French, Italian, and American food. Most sandwiches are served on a French roll; each comes with a choice of potato croquettes, kettle chips, pasta, three bean salad or fruit. Gourmet pizzas and the pasta dishes are also available. Grown-up Mac & Cheese is served here – it’s topped with crispy bacon. Yum!