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Support the love of books, love of arts, and love of local business by visiting one of these ten alluring Honolulu bookstores.
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Rainbow Books & Record

Rainbow Books is Hawaii’s picture-perfect example of a shelf-spilling, cluttered used bookstore.  When your iPad and Kindle go beserk, turn to Rainbow Books for salvation.  Located across the street from Puck's Alley on University Avenue, Rainbow Books is a locally-owned bookstore that sells and buys everything from books to records to DVDs to those VHS video tapes sitting in your garage collecting dust.  Walk in, because you’ll kick yourself for not walking in sooner! The allure of the slightly dusty veneer and the sexy “Steamroom” section should be enough to get your bargain-hunting juices going.  Open Mon-Thu, Sun 10 am - 10 pm and Fri-Sat 10 am - 11 pm

Gecko Books & Comics

Let your inner comic-book nerd wander out with the staff of truly epic experts at Gecko Books, or just wander around giggling at all the fun collectibles poking from the shelves. Ted the proprietor has the unique superpower of encyclopaediac knowledge of all things Marvel and D.C. He keeps the shelves well-organized and the shop invitingly lit so no kid too big nor too small will lose her way. Comic book stores are a rare breed in Hawaii, especially those not focusing on manga, so appreciate the Gecko! Open Mon-Tue, Sun 11 am - 7 pm, Wed-Sat 10 am - 9 pm.

Bestseller’s Books and Music

Bestsellers takes up literally one nook and a smidgen, owing to its central location smack in the middle of the biggest office buildings in downtown.  Expect no clutter nor dust at this independently-owned store, no sir, the carpet is vacuumed and the shelves are aesthetically arranged for an executively neat audience.  Bestseller’s selection tailors to popular books (dare we call them “Bestsellers?”)  found at other major book shops, with a smattering of Hawaiiana and used books.  Peruse their clearance section if you happen to drop in.


The only independent bookstore in Pearlridge Mall, with many candy-like treasures for the book hunter, CD lover, or DVD collector.  Unload your unwanted media for a nominal price and browse for new jewels. Just don’t walk into the jam-packed aisles of BookOff with a wheelchair or stroller, you might get stuck! Despite that minor drawback, you can find your way around the different categories, which are fairly well organized by fiction, non-fiction, and author name.  Want to know if a particular title is in stock? There is no computerized inventory; however the staff will gladly do a visual scan on the shelves with you.

Covenant Books & Coffee

A hybrid Chistian book shop and cafe, the book section of Covenant is decidedly not the main attraction, but attractive enough to visit.  An excellent little cafe for a peaceful lunch where you can hear yourself think, and browse the book section as you wait good-naturedly for your chowder.  There’s a new soup every day of the month!  Patrons can check out books as well as purchase them the traditional way, so your spiritual side can get excited about Covenant, too. As they say, “Good food for the body and soul.” Parking is available in the lot behind the store and cafe, but is always very busy -- try the street parking as well.