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Breakfast/Brunch in Honolulu, HI

Don't know where to go for a great morning meal? Greet the morning star with these top ten picks for breakfast and brunch in Honolulu.
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Liliha Bakery

As the undeniable local favorite breakfast joint, listed in every Honolulu breakfast list and even some lists that don’t include the Honolulu area, expect to wait for a barstool almost twenty-four hours of every day at Liliha Bakery.  This, home of the world-famous Coco Puff, hosts a slew of pancake seekers, butter-roll munchers, and sweet bread French toast eaters at all hours. Food comes fast. Food comes hot. It’s been over 60-years and Liliha Bakery still dollops on the mayo and the grease with love, the counter is still staffed with Filipina aunties, and both the bakery and the diner section are going strong in zoo-like fashion almost all day long. Park in the dedicated lot next to the bakery.   

Sure Shot Cafe

For those who like to plug it in over a long coffee break(fast), Sure Shot has the proper goodies -- plentiful power outlets, a variety of espresso and coffee drinks, and the expected mouth-watering coffee shop bakery fare. Go green with the fantastic freshly-baked granola bars, or grab a fruit and yogurt parfait. Bite on the Smokey Bagel with gooey hot cheddar and crisped Canadian bacon, or chew a bagel with lox, cream cheese, capers, and tomato. Have the barista slice up some banana bread or pumpkin chocolate chip quickbread for a sweet pickup. Sure Shot Cafe opens from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., six days a week and opens an hour later at 7:00 a.m. on Sundays.

Wailana Coffee House

All you can eat pancakes! Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with coconut and maple syrup with two eggs and two strips of bacon, all for under $7... how can you go wrong? Although it is smack in the middle of touristy, bustling Waikiki, locals have been known to drive across town and pay the buck or two for parking to eat at this classic Hawaii diner. Wailana Coffee House is one of the few and the proud in Hawaii to serve Museli, a mushy crunchy mix of oatmeal, half and half, apples, raisins, bananas, and macadamia nuts. Eat everything from eggs Benedict to the salad bar for under $10, with complete kids meals for under $3! For those who don’t always feel like breakfast foods at breakfast time, Wailala’s menu includes diner favorites like lasagna, fries, spaghetti, fish entrees, and sandwiches.

Grand Cafe & Bakery

Decorated after the style of old European cafes, the Grand has a bakery display and a few potted trees to faux out the downtown atmosphere. Health-conscious patrons, stay away, because at Grand Cafe & Bakery a girl can indulge in only the tastiest and piggiest gourmet breakfast eats. The Bananas Foster French Toast exceeds all reasonable expectations for an overly-indulgent version of a classic comfort food. Those who frost their mornings with sweets for breakfast will not mind indulging in the lemon cake or a specialty bakery item of the day. Eggs Benedict is obviously a proven winner, served at Grand Cafe with a side of house green salad. Classic local favorites like Loco Moco and meat, eggs, and rice give heart to any sit-down morning meal.

Bogart’s Cafe

The hippie health-conscious and the indulgent eater can unite at Bogart’s Cafe, which serves the likes of fresh smoothies beside milkshakes, acai bowls beside bacon bagels, and vegetarian omlettes beside haupia-slathered pancakes.  The hand-written menu board morphs over time, but don’t worry, all patrons get a long look because the wait on weekends for a table approaches monumentous.  Hungry people have been known to stand for over an hour before sitting on the iron seats inside or baking in the sun of one of three outside tables in the morning. Try one of their ingeniously named coffee drinks, or a strawberry or banana whipped cream waffle dusted with powdered sugar to settle that sweet craving.