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Cocktails/Wine Bars in Honolulu, HI

Bottling wine and beachside blisstinis can roll one-two-together when imbibing in Honolulu. Hit these impeccably selected wine bars and cocktail purveyors for a good time.
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Amuse Wine Bar

Vibing off the chic and swanky interior of Honolulu Design Center (Amuse is located on the second floor of the furniture showroom), Amuse appeals to the sophisticated crowd, with novel self-serve wine tasting machines and ambiance unique enough to impress a date.  Pay $25 for $50 in Wine Bar credit on Mondays and Wednesdays--let the self-serve machines do the pouring by the ounce and use your wine card to pay!  Live music plays weekly and people in their prime boogie down until Amuse becomes a nightclub later on in the evenings. Plenty of free parking and a $5 happy hour menu until 7:00 p.m.

Arnold’s Beach Bar

This is the unpretentious beach dive bar you’ve always wanted on your Hawaiian vacation (or staycation) . . . plus a bonus nude mannequin at the top of the stairs!  Just off the beaten path of posh Beachwalk Avenue, Arnold’s will not judge you for wearing rubber slippers and board shorts.  Regulars indulge in the strong pours in the Mai Tais, Tiki Tea, and other well drinks in the $5 range.  Come late and you’ll find servers winding down after work at other nearby Waikiki bars.  Chill with new friends, cash into the jukebox, and sip on PBR all night at Arnold’s.

Wine the Experience

What does it take to get wine into bottles (besides resisting the urge to drink it first)? At Wine the Experience, learning has never been more fun. First, do a little tasting to select a grape juice you would like to turn into wine. Second, return six to eight weeks later by yourself or with a party of friends. Third, have a bottling party doing everything from corking, labeling, packaging (and drinking) your own vintage! Because it’s not necessary to BYOB, this place lets you BYO food and music to make an awesome hands-on drinky-party experience.  Go home with thirty bottles of wine to give as gifts, or let your friends take away imbibable souvenirs of Wine the Experience.

Mai Tai Bar

Locals love Mai Tai Bar for many reasons besides the tasty Mai Tais: It’s in the middle of Ala Moana Center, so parking is plentiful; No one cares if you show up in your shorts, tanks, and rubber slippers, because everyone else looks like you, too; Frequent live and loud DJs, bands, and musicians, with loud hip hop in between live sets; You’re bound to see someone you know or meet someone you might want to know.  Waitresses wear Hawaiian-print minidresses and white sneakers while the bouncers, who are four times the size of each waitress, still manage to give off a chill vibe. It can get very crowded and very noisy on weekends, and although it’s roofed, it’s not always pleasant in stormy weather.

Wang Chung’s

Wang Chung’s will take you on a karaoke dive into the fun side.  Begin your adventure by wafting into the room on a sea of smiles and hellos like you’re the oldest drinking buddy of the thirty other patrons. Put your drink expectations aside, because the house cocktails keep the singing buzzing all night--Seleena’s Lotus flower, Ryan’s Sweet and Sour Pucker, Chad’s A Bottom come from karaoke-loving bartenders who will kick it with you too! Like all the best-loved hole-in-the-walls, Wang Chung’s is standing room only on weekends.