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Coffee Shops in Honolulu, HI

The chill lifestyle of Honolulu goes hand-in-hand with Hawaii estate-grown coffee, tropical flavors, and a multitude of coffee shops. Go ahead, ‘chillatte’ out and relax with our top coffee shops.
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Island Vintage Coffee

Rumor has it that certain tourists have been known to buy suitcases full of Island Vintage Coffee’s Estate Reserve Peaberry blend and spirit them off to the mainland as much-cherished gifts for their coffee-loving friends. The roast boasts 100% Kona Coffee. Island Vintage sits directly next to Ala Moana Center’s Center Stage on the ground level, so zipping in and out during a mall revue of Tahitian dancers is entirely possible and just might make the show more enjoyable. It’s also clean, bland, and a little like walking into a coffee shop run by Martha Stewart and Williams & Sonoma together.  


You’d think more cafes stick mochi ice cream in their lineup because the combination is so delectable. Now, mochi ice cream is great on its own, but Bubbie’s mochi ice cream with gourmet KimoBean espresso creates a surefire winning situation that makes it worth the trip to Waikiki. All coffees are grown, processed and roasted only in Hawaii. The Coconut Mocha will satiate a caffeine-hungry brain on Hawaiian vacation, while their fruit-topped waffles, croissanwiches and yogurt can round out your breakfast cravings without making you step into the McDonald’s next door. Greet the friendly girls behind the counter seven days a week.

Lion Coffee

The Lion brand truly has owned the lion’s share of coffee in local Hawaiian supermarkets since most of us were kids. With more flavors on an average shelf than you’d know what to do with, you might as well visit their Kalihi warehouse and coffee shop to sample the wares and stock up on gifts for visiting relatives. And why should you venture to a warehouse in the middle of Kalihi for coffee? All drinks come with a double shot, all mochas are 20 ounces and extra shots are 50 cents. And a word to the thrifty: Complimentary eco-totes will be given to purchases of $100 or more.  

Sure Shot Cafe

In an unremarkable plaza in Makiki, hidden near the intersection of Wilder and Piikoi, Sure Shot Cafe nestles its wide selection of coffee, tea, baked goods and sandwiches. As a coffee shop that pushes its food to the front as much as its espresso, try one thing from each side of the menu. Dare we venture to recommend the bacon cheddar cheese scone? Perhaps when paired with a skinny latte! All bakery items rise from an oven right there in the shop, including quiche, red velvet cake and banana bread. Weekends add waffles to the rotation, and always expect good vibrations from the staff!

Beach Bum Cafe

The ironically dubbed Beach Bum Cafe is a lazy island in the midst of downtown’s hubbub. Business types in close-toed shoes can come here to kick back in the middle of the work morning without leaving the few square blocks that make up downtown Honolulu’s sky towering business district. Connoisseurs sing praise for the great French press and other brewing methods employed by Dennis, the proprietor. Dennis sources his specialty coffees from Hawaii and nowhere else, then microbrews each cup to order, making the counter appear as a medieval alchemist’s in a heady coffee wonderland.