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Dessert in Honolulu, HI

Honolulu is practically toppling with famous and fabulous sweets. Brace your taste buds, because desserts in Honolulu are about to set your tongue a-quiver!
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Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts

Shield your wee ones’ eyes from the naughty ice cream cake names at Bubbies.  Trust us, Bubbies is worth fielding the question, “Mommy, why is it called ‘More Than a Mouthful?’”  Lactose intolerant ice-cream afficionados will appreciate the ‘Eat Here - Get Gas’ ice cream cake.  Also be forewarned of kids begging for the signature Bathtub-Toilet Sundae. Guess what that one comes served in?  Any local can probably rattle off Bubbies mochi ice cream flavors from childhood memory--or maybe it’s because they’ve kept coming back for the quality ice cream as an adult!  The creamy strength of flavor in each mochi-wrapped ball of ice cream screams for repeat tastings, and gives any premium ice cream brand a run for its bucks.   Open noon to midnight on school nights and noon to 1:00 a.m. weekends.  

Hokulani Bake Shop

Drool has been known to hit the floor at the mere mention of Hokulani Bake Shop cupcakes.  Take that word association game one step further and you’ll be bluring “Red Velvet Cupcake” before you know it. Made with real cane sugar, real sweet cream butter, and local eggs, these indulgent cupcakes let you indulge intelligently!  Zero margarine, zero hydrogenated oil, zero trans fat, and zero corn syrup in these babies! Other mouthwatering cupcakes include Lilikoi with Lemon Cream Cheese, Guittard Chocolate Organic Peanut Butter, Vanilla with Chocolate Cream Cheese, Carrot Spice, Strawberry Guava, and specially decorated seasonal cupcake flavors.  Hokulani gives away a dozen free cupcakes every day to one lucky newsletter subscriber, so sign up on their website and it might be you! Go early, because they sometimes run out of flavors by the end of the day. Located inside Restaurant Row with validated parking.


“Cakes designed with WOW in mind” sums up the flavor and mind-blowing 3D cake sculpture experience at Cakelava.  To commission a Cakelava cake is to put all other cakes you have ever purchased to shame. You can have a wedding cake worthy of wonderland, or have your son blow out the candles on a cake he had to look at twice to be sure it wasn’t his Xbox.   Not only do Rick Reichart’s cakes look divinely inspired, they taste heavenly as well!  Try his showstopping Rainbowlicious flavor, a six-layered vibrant rainbow cake filled with mango and lilikoi curd.  Or knock yourself out on the kona toffee crunch, banana blueberry marscapone, and chai latte flavors.   Cakelava’s creations have been seen on Food Network and People Magazine, just to name a few.  Open for tastings and consultations by appointment only.

Liliha Bakery

Liliha Bakery is the neighborhood bakery/diner that’s been around for . . . forever, and launched into Hawaii-wide fame some time since the last World War due to their decadent Coco Puffs.  A coco puff is a staple pot luck dessert, and can be identified by it’s golf-ball-like size, chewy choux pastry exterior, coconut pudding interior, and sweet chantilly dollop of a hat topping. Coco Puffs have sinced branched out from the original flavor to include chocolate-topped puffs and green tea chantilly puffs, resulting in sales of 4,800 to 7,600 Coco Puffs every day.  Their chantilly cake, dobash cake, and haupia cakes deserve mentions as well. The Diner half of Liliha Bakery is famous in its own right for its giant plate-sized fluffy pancakes and greasy-fork late-night menu.  Open 24 hours; closed Mondays.


Innumerable late-night munchie conversations, dessert daydreams, genie-in-a-bottle wish lists have been filled with the Chocolate Souffle a la Mode from Roy’s Restaurant.  What started as a single Roy’s establishment in Hawaii has become a worldwide phenomenon, but the chocolate souffle remains the conquering hero through the test of time and a 20-minute wait each time you order it.  The oft-imitated decadent chocolate concoction comes hot to your table, direct from the oven.  It bubbles with melty chocolate lava and swims delicately with cool vanilla bean ice cream before hitting your palate with a panache. There are now three Roy’s locations on Oahu. This listing is for the original location in Hawaii Kai.