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Nightlife in Honolulu, HI

Honolulu is a little city packed with a big appetite for night life. Peruse these top places and spoil yourself with a fun evening frolicking in Honolulu!
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Brasserie Du Vin

The old-world oiled wood interior dark furniture at the bar are seductive enough, but go further back and enter a cute faux French courtyard, crowded with European art deco umbrellas and tendrils of vine caressing the wine barrels in the walls.  If you were to walk into Brasserie Du Vin with a lady spaniel and order spaghetti, you might just think you were in the people-version reenactment of Disney's Lady and the Tramp. Perfect for a romantic evening or a group of friends who will enjoy live musical serenades along with live mussels.  Brasserie Du Vin has a wine list five times the size of their menu, which features many cheese, meat, and dried fruit platter selections.  Classic French dishes such as crepes, souffle, and steak round out the dinner menu. 


 A glitzed-up girl will feel chameleonic against the glamorous backdrop of Apartm3nt (pronounced Apartment 3).  Feel like dressing up? Wear out your innermost diva at MenageA3, a monthly theme party hosted by the chic ladies of Cherry Blossom Cabaret, who let us channel the burlesque goddess within us all. Recent dress-up themes have included Slumber Lingerie, Speakeasy, and Going Gaga. Happy Hour and nightly drink specials also make Apartm3nt an after-work go-to place. Say Pickled Pepper Pizza and a thin crust will arrive at your table in mouthwatering style, or select from other nibbles in the menu of "gourmet comfort foods" like mac 'n grafton cheddar cheese with snow crab.   Validated parking in Century Center.

Cafe Sistina

World cultures collide in the most tasteful ways at Cafe Sistina. A hand-painted fresco mirroring the Sistine Chapel's walls and arching ceilings serves as the hand-holding backdrop for a Northern Italian dinner, sometimes served by a flirty Spaniard of a waiter. Wait until late evenings on Wednesdays for Grammy-nominated Latin band Son Caribe to spice up the walls with live renditions of danceable hits from Cuba to Dominica.  Latin DJs Rod and Ray bring out the spinning colored lights for Salsa in the City each Friday. Grab your man and dance cheek-to-cheek to bachata, or let a handsome stranger lead you into a salsa dip. Find $2 parking in the garage behind the building or free on the street. 

8 Fat Fat 8

8 Fat Fat 8 is the friendly neighborhood bar in this city that serves strangely irresistible greasy-spoon Chinese food.  If the fried lettuce and fried special chicken leave you with some extra guts, join in belting karaoke along with the entire bar on busy weekends.  Those without extra nerves in their guts can amuse themselves with darts, billiards, or the friendly staff.  What the 8 Fat Fat 8 booths have in stains and the prints of many butts they make up for in character and comfort--this bar has been around as long as the family that's owned it! Come after work or on the weekends.  Fun fact: the word for 'eight' and 'luck' both sound like 'fat' in Chinese--hence 8 Fat Fat 8!

Tropics Cafe Bar and Lounge

In the jungle of the Ward Warehouse complex, Tropics Cafe Bar and Lounge blares live local and international reggae stars so loud you can hear it down the block on weekends. This little joint swarms with people and becomes standing-room-only by ten o'clock, so come early and enjoy some irie drinks and garlic fries infused with crispy garlic goodness. Even if you come late, the smiling waitstaff at Tropics will make an effort to literally swim through the crowd to serve your drinks. On Taco Tuesdays, crunch on $1 shredded chicken or ground beef hard tacos with lettuce, salsa, and jalapenos. Free parking anywhere in the Ward complex, which can fill up on weekends because of the numerous restaurants, bars, and 16-screen stadium cinema.