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Summer Activities in Honolulu, HI

Cruise into a delightful variety of summer activities in Honolulu, because we've navigated through the endless list of summertime things to do and brought you the best!
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Simply Summer Hawaii

The lone and luckily instant part of the usually-painful preparation for bikini season is none other than hard, hot, wax in the nether regions. At Simply Summer Hawaii, proprietor Summer talks her Brazilian- and Bikini-Wax clients sunnily through the hair removal process. With Summer’s bubbly personality and . The special European Hard Wax especially suits itself for the swimsuit areas: it pulls deeper than strip wax, leaving skin smoother longer, and the specialist is able to control precisely how hot the wax gets, leaving no burns on sensitive areas.  Party on down to Simply Summer Hawaii with a group of four girlfriends receive a five dollar discount on Brazilian Waxing for each woman. Just don’t hit the beach right away--it’s best to wait a day or two to let skin calm down.

Summer Frappe

When stuck (or touring, as the case may be) through Chinatown in the blistering summer, one must make a mandatory stop at Summer Frappe.  No matter if you’ve just pigged out on dim sum, roast duck, crack seeds, and all the other goodies Chinatown has to offer, you will still have another stomach for the epicly-portioned fresh fruit smoothies from Summer Frappe. This small shop puts all other juice and smoothie bars to shame with their bristling fridge showcases bursting with fresh fruit, huge smoothies, and amazing selection of tropical deliciousness. If you’ve never tried a fresh avocado smoothie, this is the place. Real fruit only, a four to five dollar price tag, and eye-closing, grin-inducing juicy goodness are only to be expected from Summer Frappe.

Kaimuki Movie Museum

Sometimes, a girl wants to escape the heat of the great outdoors instead of basking in it. Such citified indulgences can easily be had with a dose of culture at the Kaimuki Movie Museum. View films labelled “thoughtful,” “independent,” and “foreign,” instead of the usual “blockbuster.” Open Thursdays through Mondays from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the Kaimuki Movie Museum’s state-of-the-art digital projection theater features leather recliners. Visit their website for a monthly schedule of their daily showings. For those summer nights with  a quiet movie at home, check out the Movie Museum’s extensive selection of videos for rent.

Sunset on the Beach

Cheap dates look no further than Sunset on the Beach  . . and we’re only half kidding! This is the Hawaiian-style dinner-and-a-movie that only happens during the delightful days of summer. The City and County of Honolulu sets up a 30-foot steel monstrosity on Queen’s Beach in Waikiki that is actually a giant movie screen. Live bands, food vendors, and radio personalities always preclude the feature entertainment, which starts around 7:00 p.m., or “sunset.” Bring something warm to shield the beach tradewinds, and tote something to sit or lie on if the bare night sand doesn’t sound appealing. For a beautiful outdoor movie and sunset-screening experience, Sunset on the Beach has no rival.

Bellows Field Beach Park

Pack those tents and bust out the hibachi, because summer scents the air with the urge for camping out on the beach.  Bellows Field Beach Park is the largest campground on O’ahu, with over fifty campsites available. All the expected amenities greet campers at Bellows, including flush toilets, outdoor cold showers, and a few picnic tables.  The scenic drive to Bellows can only be described as majestic: pass by world-famous Sandy Beach, Hanauma Bay Scenic Overlook, and The Spouting Horn on the Eastern tip of the island. Make sure to get a camping permit and follow all the rules found at