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Coffee Shops in Houston, TX

Grab a quick cup of java to-go or hang out a while and sip slowly at one of these top Houston coffee shops.
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Catalina Coffee

This cool little coffee shop offers some of the best coffee and atmosphere in the city. If you are tired of bustling chains with overpriced, over-sugared drinks, then this gem is the place for you. The coffee is delicious and smooth, while the scones, muffins and other goodies and fresh and tasty. Though the neighborhood might not be the best and the parking can be a hassle, this coffee shop is friendly and cozy -- perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or an evening of studying. From yuppies to hipsters to seniors, the clientèle is a mixed crowd. One thing to note -- they don't have available outlets, so your laptop better be charged.

Java Coffee & Tea Co.

Run by a knowledgeable, helpful staff, this place isn't just a coffee shop but also the best spot in Houston to get fresh beans or grind. Roasting their own beans on-site, they offer an amazing selection of coffee, tea and baked goods, as well as cards, candy and small gift items. If you have your own grinder at home, pick up a few pounds of fresh beans or order off their website and have them delivered to you. If you don't know a lot about coffee and want to learn, ask the owners or staff about which coffee maker, grinder and other accessories you need. They are more than happy to spread their knowledge about everything and anything concerning coffee.


A cool hangout, Antidote (or just "The Dote") offers amazing coffee that is sought-after by neighborhood parents, young hipsters and just about everyone else in Houston. Though it can be very crowded and hard to get a table, it's a casual meet-up place where you can hang out with friends on the patio, chill out on the cozy couches, listen to music, nosh on munchies or just get a great cup of coffee. It's kid-friendly, dog-friendly and just friendly. Outside on the patio, they have outlets, extension cords, portable fans and even bug spray. In addition to coffee, they also have a fantastic beer and wine selection as well.


With excellent service and a cozy atmosphere, Fioza is a cool place to hang out with friends, have a casual date or study on your own. They offer an assortment of coffee that is definitely above average for the city, as well as bakery items, tapioca, smoothies and other foods to snack on. The music is cool and not too loud, plus the staff is friendly and the free wifi is steady. Parking can be a little tough during peak hours, but you may be able to park on the street or at the Walgreen's or other businesses next door.

River Oaks Coffee House

If you are looking for a place to kick back, study or read while enjoying a good cup of coffee and a fantastic sandwich, head to River Oaks. This staff is always very friendly and the tables are spacious -- perfect for spreading out your books, if necessary. The wifi is consistently smooth, not spotty like some other local coffee shops. The decor is nice with clouds painted on the ceiling, the lighting is fantastic and the restrooms are always clean. One big plus is that this coffee shop isn't overrun by hipsters who are trying too hard to be cool.