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Dog's Day Out in Indianapolis, IN

Fortunately for your best pet pals, there is plenty to do in this vibrant city. Check out our top 10 picks for dog-friendly activities in Indianapolis.
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Plump's Last Shot

While Plump's is also known as a bar, it has a great local reputation for its fabulous food, beer selection and outdoor patio. Plump's is extremely pet-friendly. On any given day -- when the weather permits -- you'll find dogs and their owners on the patio, both enjoying lunch. The menu offerings include a burger for your dog. Water and treats are both provided as well. Locals say that it's a fabulous place to socialize your pup with other dogs that also enjoy a relaxed dining experience.

White River State Park

Located in downtown Indianapolis, White River State park is a 250-acre area that includes parks, water features and cultural, educational and recreational activities. Enjoy a picnic with your dog in the grassy areas, or stroll along the water, through the trees and over bridges. White River State Park includes many places to see, some of which are dog friendly. Just remember to keep your dog leashed at all times and to always clean up after him!

Aesop's Tables

Aesop’s Tables is located in Mass Ave and was a leading part of the revitalization there. It has been in business for 16 years and is a favorite with many locals. You don’t want to miss the great Mediterranean cuisine that receives rave reviews, with dishes from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, and more. Best of all, when the weather permits, your dog is more than welcome to join you for patio dining. Enjoy great food, a fun neighborhood and a lunch with your pooch!

Blue Ribbon Carriage Company

Feel like taking a horse-drawn carriage ride in downtown Minneapolis? The Blue Ribbon Carriage Company will show you some of the highlights of the city. The slower pace means you can enjoy the scenery. Don't miss sites such as the Canal or the historic area of Lockerbie Square. Your dog is welcome to join you (and your sweetie, if this is a date!) on the 30 - 45 minute tour. As always, make sure your pet pal is leashed and comfortable sitting for the duration of the ride. Call for hours and details.

Chateau Thomas Winery

Chateau Thomas Winery is located in Plainfield, just outside of Indianapolis. The beautiful grounds also host a tasting room, outdoor entertainment venue, and gift shop. The winery makes 50 different types of wine and produces over 15,000 cases annually. Guests enjoy wine made from grapes imported from the west coast. Dogs are more than welcome to accompany you to Chateau Thomas Winery – just note that they are not allowed in the tasting room. Remember to keep your best four-legged friend leashed at all times!