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Looking to get fit in a fun new way? Gyms and group classes in Jacksonville buck the boring trend with interesting options reminiscent of Bollywood, the circus, even the Israeli army.
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Donovin Darius Next Level Women’s Fitness

Former Jacksonville Jaguars Strong Safety-turned-motivational speaker Donovin Darius is helping dozens of women step up their own game with his Next Level Women’s Fitness programs. But it’s not just a great workout. You’ll also get a healthy dose of motivational and inspirational meditation. Classes are pay-as-you-go or get a discount rate when you pay for a full 12-week package. Look for options for both early risers and the after work workout type. Don’t worry – You don’t have to be an all-out athlete. Workouts are designed to let you start at your own pace and work up to your next level – thus the name.

Ananda Kula

Avondale’s Ananda Kula specializes in yoga, Pilates and holistic healing. It’s a favorite among the expectant and new mom set, with classes in prenatal yoga (designed to get your body in top shape for carrying, delivering and recovering), Baby & Me yoga and yoga for toddlers. There’s even a yoga session set to live music (a small donation for the musicians is highly appreciated). Holistic health services include reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. In keeping with the communal approach to health, Ananda Kula also offers potluck dinners, concerts, meditation and chant sessions, plus a week-long summer Roots Retreat to Costa Rica.

Anais Belly Dance & Fusions

Add some intrigue to your workouts with BellyRobics and Bollywood Fitness classes at Anais Belly Dance & Fusions. If you’re a student of their belly dancing classes, BellyRobics and Bollywood Fitness will improve your moves. And if you’re just bored with the same ol’, same ol’ of the local gym, they’ll help you lose weight and tone muscle in a fun, sexy way. Zumba and Pilates also are offered. But why stop there? Go all out for the belly dance group classes and become part of Anais’ performance troupe. And remember - the name “belly dancing” is a bit of a misnomer. Get ready to work every muscle in your body.

Trapeze High Florida

Admit it. Every now and then, you dream of running away and joining the circus. Don’t we all? Well, now’s your chance. Located in rural Middleburg, Trapeze High Florida offers group classes in flying trapeze. Invented in 1859 by Frenchman Jules Leotard (So THAT’s where the name came from), the flying trapeze works muscles you never knew you had. It’s touted as one of the best and most fun ways to build strength not only in your arms, but in your legs and core as well. Plus, it’s become a top go-to method for helping participants overcome fears, build confidence and rock the most interesting conversation starters.

inShape Ladies Fitness

Add some va va voom to your exercise routine at inShape Ladies Fitness. Lose weight, tone muscle and build some serious confidence learning pole dancing and aerial yoga. Pole dancing is thought to have started in the 1920s when traveling show dancers used tent poles in their acts. From the circus tent to the strip club to the fit club, it has helped thousands of women build serious strength, flexibility and endurance via athletic climbs, spins and body inversions. Using a low-hung fabric trapeze, aerial yoga combines traditional yoga with the physical training of an aerialist. With the trapeze supporting your weight, you’ll get a total body workout that builds muscle tone, flexibility and joint mobility in a challenging, yet relaxing way.