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Bookstores in Las Vegas, NV

Even in Las Vegas, you can find bookstores featuring new and used selections along with collector’s items and coffee table books that will become your new favorites.
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Dead Poet Books

Part antique shop, part grandma’s closet, part bookstore paints the picture for Dead Poets Books, the used bookstore where you can discover great finds. Cushy chairs for browsing through books or reading the first chapter and antiques pepper the store filled with gilded-edge and rare books held together with great bookends. Here you can find a section of National Geographic magazines, old books of literature and more tucked away in this shop. In the back, you can learn Spanish. Just expect to find the unexpected in this shop; the inventory changes all the time.


Gambler’s Book Club

You’d expect to find a bookstore just for gamblers in Las Vegas, and Gambler’s Book Club delivers. In business for more than 40 years, this spot is part bookstore, part small press and dedicated solely to gambling. Find original books on various forms of gambling as well as reprinted versions of classic works. International gaming authors such as Nick Pileggi, author of “Casino” and “Wise Guys,” thoroughbred handicapper Andy Beyer, author of “The Winning Horseplayer” Ken Uston, author of “Million Dollar Blackjack,” and poker legend Amarillo Slim, author of “Play Poker to Win,” signed books in the store.



At Booklovers, you can find a great collection of used classics and more recent titles in a small, clean shop. Most of the books are half off the listed price, even if they’re new. Many of the hard covers of bestsellers sell for $1. You can find a collection of used audiobooks and DVDs as well. The military and children’s sections are filled with well-stocked shelves. The store will also buy or trade for your used books. This bookstore has been in business since 1994.


Book Magician

Sitting on Charleston Boulevard between a sandwich shop and a Chinese restaurant sits Book Magician, an independent used bookstore where you can find treats you may never uncover at a big box bookstore. Instead of full sections, there's maybe a shelf or two separating each subject. Instead of a fancy time computer search system, handwritten dividers tell you if you're looking at a books about basketball or biographies. Fans also love the selection of photography books. The owner has been in business for nearly 30 years.


Get Booked

Las Vegas’ first gay bookstore openedd in 1987 as a store called Bright Pink Literature and evolved into Get Booked, a play on owner Wes Miller’s run in with the law during what he calls a round up of Las Vegas gays in 1992. The name stands today as a reminder of times when gay bashing was more common in Las Vegas. Find books friendly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender communities, along with magazines, fashions, toys and more in this kitschy book shop.