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Lunch Spots in Los Angeles, CA

From bistros to burgers, the best lunch spots in Los Angeles will tantalize your taste buds without blowing your budget.
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Angelas Bistro

Just outside of the LA city border, you can find fast, affordable fare without the greasy fast-food menu. This lunch spot is homey, offering fresh menu items made from fresh, local produce, so the menu can change from day to day. Menu features soups, sandwiches, salads and even boasts a handful of vegetarian options. And, if you spy the owner on site baking up fresh cornbread, grab a slice for an experience like no other because it’s not offered every day. For a meal that is quick and is an average of less than $10, Angela’s Bistro can’t be beat.


Amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is a hidden gem of a lunch spot that feels just like home. As a health-conscious effort, mini pretzels, cucumbers and carrots are served in lieu of bread before your meal, but don’t fill up; the portions are plentiful. On a sunny day, be sure to scope out their pet-friendly patio seating, but the indoor ambiance is cozy and welcoming. Note that you cannot order from the regular menu at lunch on the weekend, but anyone can tell you that the “crack” bacon is a must-have. Parking is available on the street only, so watch for city restrictions.

Cafe Modigliani

Just because you’re hanging in Beverly Hills doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for lunch. Although it is disguised as a coffee shop, blink and you’ll miss this local lunch gem. Just be sure to bring cash if your order totals less than $5. But, with affordable menu items like chicken teriyaki with a salad and a free canned soda, your biggest problem will be your eyes being bigger than your stomach! Whether you stop in for a quick sip or a bite to eat, you are sure to find a satisfying selection that is quick and kind on your pocketbook.

Mrs Winston's Green Grocery

Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery in West Los Angeles proves that you don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to appreciate good grub. With menu items costing less than $10, salad bar lovers can rejoice while healthy eat seekers can grab a tasty sandwich or flavorful soup and still ditch the fast food lunch guilt. Then, wash your healthy lunch down with a wide variety of organic bottled and canned juices and teas, or finish off your lunch with a sweet selection of organic cookies, energy bars, fresh fruit or “healthy” chips. But, plan ahead because there is no seating unless you steal a spot on the Starbucks patio around the corner of the building to the right.

Yuko Kitchen

Combine great food with free wifi and anime movies playing silently on a tv screen and you’ve found yourself Yuko Kitchen in Los Angeles. Whether you prefer to munch your lunch inside amongst computer-toting patrons or huddle around gas warmers in the outside seating, you can enjoy traditional sushi  and Japanese fare mixed with modern twists on Japanese salads and desserts. However, the wait can push upwards to 30 minutes on a busy day, so calling ahead or taking your lunch to go may be your best bet. But, even if you can’t make it for lunch, be sure to stop by for a sweet snack. With creative desserts like Crème Babies and tasty cookies you’ll find any excuse for a snack!