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Who says getting fit can’t be fun? From state of the art gyms to group fitness and alternative workouts the Bluff City has something to keep you motivated to get and stay in shape!
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Midtown Yoga

Channel inner tranquility and increase your flexibility and overall muscle tone as you practice the flowing movements of yoga. Midtown Yoga offers various styles of yoga and there are classes for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. Not only will you achieve a calmer state of mind you will also get closer to your fitness goals. Drop in on a few classes and discover the style of yoga that best fits your needs.  Featured workshops led by world renowned yoga instructors are offered throughout the year. Midtown Yoga offers a special rate for your first class and there are also discounted prices for students. 

Vertical Butterfly Studios

Get fit and flirty at this female fitness studio. Lose weight and become more toned and lean while channeling your inner vixen. High energy boot camp classes and challenging abs and booty sessions will have you in shape in no time while sultry chair dance and heart pumping hip hop classes will teach you moves you can use outside of class. Take your workouts to another level with Vertical Butterfly’s signature pole fitness classes. No matter what age or experience level every woman can enjoy the benefits of pole fitness. Learn turns, tricks and aerial moves that will challenge your strength and flexibility. Special featured workshops and guest instructors ensure your workouts never become dull or boring. 

Memphis Raqs

Shimmy and shake your way to a slimmer you with Memphis Raqs, the only tribal fusion belly dancing studio in Memphis. You’ll engage different muscle sets as you learn basic belly dancing techniques working your way up to more complex moves and full routines. Not only will you learn a different form of dance but you’ll also become more in tune and aware of your body and increase your confidence level. The friendly environment will ease your worries as you leave your inhibitions at the door. Enjoy the art of belly dancing while you increase your fitness level.

Memphis In Motion

Whether your goal is simply to increase your cardiovascular health or if you have your sights set on completing a marathon becoming a member of Memphis in Motion will ensure your success. Benefit from the encouragement of other runners and walkers participating in this group training program and learn tips and techniques from seasoned expert coaches. Before you start your training with Memphis in Motion you’ll receive a short evaluation as you discuss your fitness goal. There are workouts throughout the week and weekend as well as in the mornings and evenings so no matter what your schedule there’s no excuse. Sessions range from being geared to the casual runner or walker to the advanced competitive runner. Run or walk your way to a healthier you! 

Aerial Yoga Memphis

Take your fitness to new heights as you challenge your mind and body through the practice of aerial yoga. The use of professional aerial hammocks allows you to experience yoga elevated. Each class includes a warm up, grounding, opening and relaxation. Various yoga styles as well as aerial acrobatics are incorporated as you learn to trust yourself and the aerial silks. Your own body weight and gravity interplay to deepen yoga movements and add increased flexibility and strength. Drop in and see if aerial yoga aligns with your fitness goals. Group classes and private instruction are available.