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Coffee Shops in Miami, FL

If you need to grab a good cup of joe while you work or you want to catch up with friends over a latte, try one of Miami's top 10 coffee shops.
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Tinta y Café

Everywhere you look in Miami there are windows where you can get your Cuban café con leche. But Tinta y Café, a family owned café located where Little Havana meets the Brickell area, is more than your average Cuban coffee shop. The cozy coffeehouse serves delicious pastries (try the guava pastelitos), fun takes on traditional Cuban sandwiches and lunch specials to satisfy the office crowd. Pick up your coffee at the outside window or sip your cafecito at a more leisurely pace inside at the café’s bar or on one of its mismatched couches. You won’t find Wi-Fi here; it's how the owners encourage their customers to strike up a conversation or pick up a book to read.

Eternity Coffee Roasters

Why go to Starbucks when you can have a great cup of coffee prepared with beans roasted in house? Eternity Coffee Roasters is one of few micro-roasters that recently opened shop in Miami. It serves coffees selected in different parts of the world, including Colombia where the family of one of the owners has a coffee farm. Coffee prices range from $2.45 for a shot of espresso to just under $5. Because it's located in downtown Miami, Eternity caters office meetings and serves pastries, sandwiches and wraps. Parking is free in the nearby Ingram building, an added bonus for those who don't work downtown and want to stop by to get a taste of Eternity's coffees.

Nube Coffee

What started as a stand at the farmers market is now a small coffee shop that has become a favorite in Coral Gables. Tucked away near the Coral Gables city hall, Nube offers a simple menu of coffee beverages -- espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte and mocha -- in two serving sizes. On hot Miami days, cool down with their delicious iced coffee or a frappe. Aside from serving coffee, Nube showcases the work of local artists on its walls and opens its doors in the evening once a month during the Coral Gables gallery night. It also offers sandwiches and pastries and offers patrons free Wi-Fi, making it the perfect neighborhood spot.

Cafe Demetrio

Café Demetrio has been around since 1997. Set in a beautiful 1920s house in downtown Coral Gables, the charming café was inspired by European coffee houses. Regulars will suggest the cafe Demetrio, owner Demetrio Pina's recipe and the one that triggered the idea for the coffee shop, or the cafe Leo, a little sweeter version. Aside from serving coffee, pastries and light fare, the café is the site of weekly events including spoken word and poetry nights, live jazz and guitar performances. The beautiful courtyard in the back is a great space to relax or read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Crumb on Parchment

What better way to enjoy your coffee than with fresh baked goods? While it may not offer the variety of coffee beverages found in coffee shops, chef Michelle Bernstein's bakery and café serves a good cup of java and baked treats that don't compare to the ones served at other coffee shops around town. It's hard to resist the display of pastries and cakes at the café's counter, let alone choose one. Think fluffy coconut cake, scones, cookies, fruit breads and pies. The adorable café, set in the atrium of an office building in the Design District, has comfortable couches, lots of tables and free Wi-Fi. The only downside is that it's not open on weekends.