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Dessert in Milwaukee, WI

Chocolates, gelato, cupcakes, frozen custard -- when it’s time for dessert, the City of Festivals becomes a city of flavors that will satisfy the savviest sweet tooth in Milwaukee.
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Original Cream Puffs

Mark your calendars for this famous pastry - you’ve only got 14 days every August to pick up one of the world-famous Original Cream Puffs found only at the Wisconsin State Fair. Since 1924, the Wisconsin Baker’s Association has been creating the airy puffs under the watchful eye of passersby to promote Wisconsin dairy products. Today it has become the quintessential state fair treat. For chocolate fans, there’s also Blue Ribbon Brownies and Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies, but the cream puffs are the true star. It doesn’t take a full day’s visit to the fair to pick up a creamy treat - Express locations selling 3- and 6-packs of puffs are located at Gate 4 or you can order ahead to pick up your pastries using the morning Drive Thru.

Milwaukee Cupcake Company

If the old saying “you are what you eat” happens to be true then folks that indulge in sweets from the Milwaukee Cupcake Company can say that they are from Wisconsin, Belgium and Madagascar. The cupcakes-only bakery prides itself in using only the best butter, cocoa and vanilla from these respective locales. Their selectivity definitely pays off in the quality of the final product as their scratch-baked cupcakes are moist, rich and flavorful. Speaking of flavors, the menu features cupcakes inspired from various Milwaukee landmarks, including The Shorewood - a vanilla salted caramel toped with sea salt and raw sugar granules. Can’t decide on a favorite? Pick up a couple mini cupcakes instead of a full-sized - and don’t forget to try the flavor of the week.

Lake Park Bistro

With a mention in Forbes Traveler magazine and a James Beard award-winning chef there can be no question that Lake Park Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Milwaukee - and that goes double for their desserts. The chef designs a new menu each week with simple French entrees and desserts served in comfortable elegance. Order a chic sweet like the lemon curd tart served with lavender-honey meringue or stick with the classics such as a luscious mousse or crème brulee. This sinful dessert decadence costs more than a few dimes, but it’s worth every coin when you want to indulge yourself.

Bacchus Restaurant

For a dessert as expensive as it is rich in flavor, Bacchus ranks as one of the top fine dining experiences in Milwaukee. Slip into your best dress and spend a few hours (plus plenty of dollars) on a decadent evening topped with a sinfully divine dessert - or skip dinner and simply book a table for a sweet course. Special desserts devised by Bacchus’ chefs - like a chocolate mousse or a Bavarian cream - complement a full selection on their regular menu. Stay light and fresh with a lemon cream bar or a trio of sorbets made in-house daily - or dig into the velvety goodness of their molten chocolate hazelnut cake topped with caramelized hazelnuts.

Cold Spoons Gelato

Just because frozen custard reigns as the number one ice cream-style dessert of choice doesn’t mean there isn’t room in the dairy state for a little Italian gelato. Cold Spoons takes on the custard giants by getting more daring with its flavor combinations. Their gelato counters feature 24 ever-changing flavors of gelato and sorbetto each day such as caramel sea salt, Panna Cotta, mango, tiramisu and pink grapefruit. One never knows when you’ll be in the mood for goat cheese and strawberry or lychee with blackberry so keep up with their crazy concoctions on Twitter. One tip - head into Cold Spoons on any Tuesday to celebrate their self-proclaimed Upgrade Day by buying a medium for the price of a small or a large at a medium’s price.