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Exercise in Nashville, TN

Nashville has so many exercise options, both indoor and outdoor -- like skating, climbing, tennis and dance -- that you're sure to find one you love. Here are ten places to get started exercising in Nashville.
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Steadfast and True Yoga

The workout aspect of yoga is often seen as opposed to its spiritual side. Regulars at Steadfast and True know that they're not. Breathing calmly while your muscles threaten to give way in side plank or Warrior II is one of the hardest tests of mental focus you'll encounter. This studio’s challenging flow classes will give you plenty of chances to discipline your mind, while toning up and gaining flexibility. Their schedule has something for you, whether you're a newbie or an asana expert.

Green Hills YMCA

If you like to keep your options open without spending a fortune on pricey classes, this is the exercise emporium for you. For a basic workout, burn calories on cardio machines with personal TVs; they also have basketball courts, an indoor track and a weight room. If you'd like to learn something new, sample their huge range of classes -- from yoga, pilates and Zumba to kickboxing, sculpt, bodypump -- or book an appointment with a personal trainer. With special rates for families and adults under 28, the Y is an affordable fitness buffet.

Knockout Fitness

Yes, learning how to box sounds intimidating. But try few sessions at Knockout Fitness, and you’ll see that anyone can master the basics – the owner, a retired fighter, teaches punches and kicks to people of all fitness levels. After an introductory one-on-one session, you can buy a package for group kickboxing classes that will whip you into shape while teaching self-defense skills and getting all your aggression out. (The classes are non-contact and have a mix of men and women.) This small gym has a personal touch. And after a few weeks, you may feel a little intimidating yourself.

Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park

Yes, the gym has TVs. And magazines. And nonstop dance music. Nevertheless, there’s a reason why you’ll see Nashville fitness buffs out enjoying the city’s parks whenever the weather is nice. A run, bike ride or hike will always be more fun when enjoyed when enjoyed among real-life trees and sunshine. But this park's amenities make it expecially appealing. Its 810 acres boast twelve miles of trail, as well as three miles of Cumberland River frontage, a nature center, and open areas for picnics. Its forests and wetlands are home to birds, amphibian and mammal species.

START Fitness

Sometimes all you need to get fit is a little motivation. An army sergeant issuing orders (or the equivalent) should do the trick. Seargent Ken, the founder of the START boot camp program, has a passion for getting people fit, and fans report that his method gets results. Boot campers sign up for four classes a week; each day’s class is different, so you’ll get upper body workouts, interval runs, circuit training, obstacle courses and partner exercises. The variety ensures that you’ll keep being challenged. And you'll see results in a couple of weeks.