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Gyms/Group Classes in Nashville, TN

From hardcore spinning, lifting and bodyweight exercises to fun options like zumba, barre and pole dancing, these options ensure you get in great shape while never getting bored.
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Yoga Source

Any true yogini will tell you that the practice isn't just a workout – it's a meditative discipline. Still, few things can bring focus and take your mind off petty concerns like sweating through a series of killer poses. At Yoga Source, that's exactly what you'll end up doing. Their schedule is a sampling of Ashtanga and vinyasa flow classes (faster-paced styles of yoga in which each pose merges into the next in tune with the breath), lasting from 60 to 90 minutes. Creative sequencing and a serene, unpretentious atmosphere makes this a great place to learn yoga, or deepen your practice -– as long as you're not afraid to sweat.

Willow Pilates

Looking toned and slim is a goal for many women. This pilates studio can help get you there. Their array of classes has something to offer the beginner, as well as advanced moves for pros -- from mat exercises to wall units and resistance training. They also offer ballet-based Xtend barre classes that target core strength and lean muscle, as well as flexibility. The instructors are knowledgeable, so you're sure to get the most out of each move (and feel the burn the next day). They also offer private lessons. You might look fitter -- but even better, you'll leave feeling strong and supple.

Climb Nashville

If you wouldn't be caught dead in the gym and think Zumba is a kids' TV show, there's still an indoor fitness option for you. At Climb Nashville, build muscle and burn calories while getting the skills you need for real outdoor climbing. With over 12,000 feet of climbing surface, 40-foot walls, campus board, a bouldering area and more, Climb is one of the south's top rock gyms. They also offer classes in climbing, core conditioning, and even yoga. And the on-site shop can sell you anything you need. Buy a membership, or just a day pass – you'll be readyfor the moutains in no time.

Nashville Pole Party

Pole dancing often serves as the punchline of a joke. But watch a performance by a pole artiste, and you'll see it's a form of dance that calls for amazing strength and skill – nothing to laugh at. Unleash your own Jenyne Butterfly at Pole Party, which offers an incredible array of classes – from pole basics, to pole dance fitness, chair dance, “sexy flexy stretch,” and advanced classes that teach an entire dance routine. At the beginner level, you'll get an amazing workout, and feel hot doing it. Progress to advanced, and you'll learn cool tricks and inversions. The studio is also available for private parties.

Kali Yuga Yoga

If joining huge groups isn't your thing, you might get more out of learning yoga at Kali Yuga – their modest size means each class is truly a class, with individual feedback rather than just the chance to copy the instructor. Their classes vary between vinyasa flow, traditional hot yoga, or gentle meditative yoga. In all cases, prices are reasonable and teachers are funny, knowledgeable, and adept at helping you explore your limits without pushing past them. Moms-to-be rave about their prenatal class. Gain flexibility, get a killer workout, and come away more relaxed.